Would you throw this disc away?



Hi there!

I’m just a little bit curious about how picky you are. Would you throw this disc away? PIF Total is high, over 1000.

I’m usually pleased when PIF Max is < 6, and PIF Total is < 500.



It’s a giveaway :wink: Na, i could keep such one - or not. You’re right PIF is a bit high…


its a benq drive so that one hella of a good scan


try to find a buddy with a liteon and scan with that, compare :slight_smile:


QS=97 :rolleyes: is this a rhetorical question?


keep it, looks good to me


koolaidwa: I probably should start burning with my Lite-On, then my burns made with BenQ feels a lot better :cool:

drpino: he he, I guess I’m very fastidious. I want 99% burns all the time :wink:

sarahjh69: yes I’m keeping it.


Throw the disc away. Throw the entiry spindle away that the disc came from. Throw the BenQ drive away. Then clean your pc with sulphuric acid. :bigsmile:

…Just kidding.

There’s nothing wrong with your scan, but you are probably infected by the insidious Scanitus Toomuchus bug, and the only cure is to not read CD Freaks forums for a week and not do any DVD quality scanning for two weeks. :stuck_out_tongue:


LOL ! :bigsmile: I would go crazy if I didn’t scan my discs for 2 weeks… :slight_smile:


Total error counts are not a measure of burn quality. They should be used only for comparison of one disc to another.


I thought so! I’ve been reading about PIF Total should be under 2000 and PIE Total under 100000.

Thanks for the info rdgrimes!


I’m not sure where you read that, but it’s not very good information. There are DVD players that will balk at discs that have very tightly packed PIF, whether in just one area or over the whole disc. But that does not make it a “bad” disc. As long as the max error level is within the standards, the disc is in spec.

You need to learn what levels and density your own players will tolerate, and go with that. Also keep in mind that the specs are for 1x scanning.


That’s really quite a good scan. I’d say it’s only the slight clustering of PIF errors a about the 3.5GB mark that stop it from being an excellent scan.