Would you still use Instant Messengers when they are going to cost you money?

Recently , there have been some issues with Mickeysoft and their (horrible) licensing project.

On the new MSN , they start to ask license money from 3rd party software vendors. Example : Trillian ; Check this story

YOU have to accept the new End User License Agreement , which states that Microsoft can ask for money in the future. There is no amount given , nor if it’s a subscription or a one-time purchase. Who knows ?

I for one are not going to use any kind of moneydriven/spamdriven IM (Instant Messaging) pice of software , there are still more than enough free(ware) alternatives.

Who uses MSN anyway? :slight_smile:

I hear AIM and ICQ where considering the same as they consider themselves to be losing revenue through loss of adverts when people use trillian etc to connect to their networks rather than using their own.

Personally, I find trillian a godsend as I just have to open one program, rather than the four it would take currently if I want to contact all the people I converse with (5 if you take IRC into account, but I dont have to use that that often)

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Who uses MSN anyway? :slight_smile:


No way I gonna pay… :slight_smile:

I hardly use IM anymore, so IRC and email are enough for me.

If all regular IM services will turn into pay-services, I somehow expect that somebody will develop a P2P IM client (using clients as servers) so I guess I’ll be able to chat for free after all… If I’d be wanting to!

HELL NO. I doubt AIM will ever cost money in the future, but if it does F–K THAT! Email is enough for me…

Whoever is slighty intelligent won’t waste his money when they’re will always be free alternatives.

So no, never gonna pay.

Anyone know if Trillian is still OK to connect to MSN? It pops up an MSN ‘upgrade now’ message on login but it appears to still connect to the network… but for how long?

If (which is very unlikely) all messenger programs would become pay-only, then I would pay I guess. The last time I used the phone here, was ages ago, because of all my friends being on MSN. So what I win there, I can use to pay for IM.

It has begun.

Yesterday evening , when i started Trillian. I immediately got a message from msn@microsoft.com, that stated i used an immensly old version of MSN Messenger that has serious security issues and immediately had to go to some messenger website to get the updated version.

Reconnecting the MSN part of Trillian popped up the same message.

Err ? What security issues ? Someone could hack me because i use Trillian ? Spooky.

Microsoft doesn’t even TRY to get honest with its public. It just tells everything non-Microsoft is a security risk… (sigh)

One point down on the trustworthiness-scale of Microsoft.

DeadAIM is pretty cool. I cant imagine living without Instant Messenger. Sometimes you phone runs out of minutes and INstant messenger is the only option. Its pretty important.

i definitely wouldn’t pay if there were free alternatives, but i can see the justification for having to charge to use them. it’d be nice if everything were free, but there are employees, servers, etc, to pay for. i don’t expect repairmen to come to my house and fix everything for free.

I see banner ads all over ICQ, and I know some (quite alot) of people use their messenger, don’t they earn anything on that?

Yep getting the message from M$ myself now in trillian, but it doesnt seem to affect the connection … wonder what will happen now … will trillian update and pay the money or will I just have to use M$ own crappy program and use trillian for ICQ and Yahoo …

There is an updated msn.dll avalible on the net for Trillian so you can still use MSN. :slight_smile:

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There is an updated msn.dll avalible on the net for Trillian so you can still use MSN. :slight_smile:

Link !!! (Or is it semi-legal ? :slight_smile: )

It’s on Cerulean Studios web. But it’s a little “obscure” :wink:

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It’s on Cerulean Studios web. But it’s a little “obscure” :wink:

groan :Z


Tried that DLL and trillian craps out with it :frowning:

It gives an error on startup about encountering a problem and needing to close :frowning:

Everything works fine again when I replace the original DLL, but get the damn error message from M$ again :frowning:

Hmmm I was going to test this with Trillian (I only have one friend on MSN :)), but mine at least has no problems connecting - no errors, no message, nothing. Using 1.0.

The dll works fine with me. No more M$ message. However, I can’t exactly tell what it does under the surface. Maybe nothing else.
Thanks for posting the cunning link Airhead.