Would you still buy a Sanyo drive knowing this?

I just posted the article Would you still buy a Sanyo drive knowing this ?.

We have had these kind of discussions before with an other brand that was accused of working together with copy protection developers to make sure their drives would not be able to copy them, but…

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well Tamotsu Itoi, your company won’t be getting any of my money.

…And as master Yoda would surely say to Tamotsu Itoi : " Dark this company’s future is … " :7

i’m not sure but is plextor not based on sanyo mechanism ?

Confucious say “they will be working on this new technology thru eons” just like every other copy protection scheme that hit the pike.

Fine. Sanyo will never get a dollar from me. I will avoid all electronics that use Sanyo components. If they want to help the RIAA fuck me over, then no soup for them. Couldn’t be simpler.

Plextors ARE based on Sanyo mechanism.

Screw Sanyo, guys… SANYO sucks shit… Look what they done to us!!

Let them spend millions of dollars on this protection… Before we break it!:d

IF Plex ARE based on Sanyo then this is a BIG problem. Hey Domin8tor, fancy e-mailing Plex and asking them?? :slight_smile:

I’m not sure how much the Sanyo Chipset is controlling the functions needed to backup protected CD’s. There are probably a lot of drives out there that are based on the Sanyo Chipset that do not handle copy protections as well as the latest Plextor drives. But in this case, Sanyo builds the ENTIRE drive…