Would you settle for less?

Well it’s time again for something a little more serious ;).

The question is: “would you settle for less?”. I’m not aiming at anything in particular.


A really thought provking question there…

work related…I NEVER settle for nothing …less than PERFECTION…

relationships…i’ve began to learn there is no perfect man…i just need to find one that i can get along with…and the traits that I can learn to deal with …

friendships…well …sure i’d settle for less than …you have seen my friends…right???

Hm. Food? House? Computer? The only thing I won’t settle for less would be DVD recording hardware, but no need to post here again about that. :slight_smile:

it all or nothing for me makes it interesting and more challenging that way and i try to be close to perfect :wink: @SS

God helps those that help themselves.

Nothing is perfect. It’s a matter of identifying flaws and weighing them with postive attributes.

Chasing perfection is a fools errand.
If you look close enough, there are flaws everywhere.
Chaos is nature. And if you look, you can still find order in chaos.

Depands on my mood.

Would i settle for less? Hmm, food: yes, money: not for long, relationships: even less? :slight_smile: