Would you recomment 4163 to me?

hallo there.I want to buy a DVD-RW drive, and I have read only good reviews about this one.Would you recommend it to someone like me, who is not so much interested in recording speed(4-5 minutes don’t make such a difference for me, it’s not like I’m using my hands or something ), but in GOOD, reliable recordings and reading capability(error correction)?? I had narrowed my selections to this and NEC-3520 but I read many complaints about nec and it’s reading rating. Some say it sometimes can’t even read a disk that you have recorded with the device…

NEC or LG???

i’m go with the LG 4163B. but that just me cause i never had a problem with LG :slight_smile:

is it true that it’s very good with DVD error reading?? I’ve been told so…

I would say, check out this review from CDFreaks. :slight_smile:

I’ve only just purchased this drive and am very impressed, but then again my last drive was a Lite-On… says it all really.

Yeah, I used to own a LiteOn drive a while back :Z .

I understand :iagree: .

Very happy with my LG4163. :slight_smile:

If you can wait, the NEC 4550 will be out this Summer and it might be worth waiting for. I would take my NEC over the LG but compared to the 3520 I would probably go with the LG. In any case, the LG is so close to the burn quality of the 3500 you will not be disappointed. Just check out the media for compatibility before you make major purchases.

I bought it…
But I posted on some forums to ask about recommended media, and some guy told me that he had 2 previous models of LG and the both got screwed up after 2 months and only 20 DVD recordings. And that he has heard about similar problems from other people too… To be honest I got a little disappointed… Do you guys have it for a long time? have you done many recordings? Ever had any hardware problems??

I know I can’t do much now, but still, it’s never nice to hear that the drive you have JUST bought is a piece of crap…