Would you pay to use Hulu?

I just posted the article Would you pay to use Hulu?.

Are you willing to pay for Hulu?

If all goes according to plan, it’s possible Hulu will either move entirely to a paid subscription model, or add some type of fee-based service alongside the…

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Oh to be able to even get the option to have Hulu

Pay, Pay, PAY! With this economy going the way that it is it would be nice to see something drop for once, or at least remain free. This notion that all must be paid for makes me wonder when the powers that be start thinking "Heeeyyyy, they’re breathing air! Isn’t that our air? Shouldn’t we be able to recoup some of our air conditioning or heating costs? Yeah, that’s it - charge `em! If they don’t like it, well, tough! Get your air elsewhere…

Want to see how fast the viewership can plummet? Charge for it.


yup they’ll just end up chasing people back to torrents and what not.

I think it could be a good idea. If the prices are low, ie $10/month or so, and I can see everything that I can see on cable, then why not cancel the $80 cable service and upgrade your connection to watch TV cheaper? But there is a wild card in the mix. Cable is already trying to impose caps on everyone. If Hulu continues in popularity and growth, then the cable companies are going to retaliate. The cable companies are already pissed off at sites like Hulu that carry free content that they must pay for, like Time Warner Cable and Viiacom wanting $250 million for the right to carry their programming. This is going to be interesting in next couple of years as online video becomes more popular.

Rofl, if they start making you pay, PC users will just go back to torrents or their cable TV.

No I wouldn’t pay! They get their money from advertising and shouldn’t need money from me. Plus, Hulu is a good way for networks to introduce their shows to people who haven’t seen them and then in return those people may tune into the show on TV, which then would give the networks ratings.

Bunch of freeloaders!!! :wink: jk

I don’t get it. It used to the cable was just a distribution method of television, and you were paying a company to buy satellitle dishes and relay signals to you. Over the years that system has gotten more complicated, but the heart of it, used to be that alot of those channels were to free to air, and cable was there to charge to relay the signals if you lived somewhere you couldn’t get them. Now everyone is expected to pay for tv, which is full of advertising. TV channels used to make their money from their commericials, now they want a cut of what the cable company makes too, skyrocketing cable bills. What does this have to do with Hulu? Why do we need the middle man, the cable comanys, when online entities like Hulu can distribute the content for free, reaching larger populations, and generating more advertising revenue for the content holders? Why do we need to pay a middleman to get us tv, when sites like Hulu can directly link is with the content. I guess paying for it seems as silly as paying for commericialized TV to me. I can understand paying for something like HBO or showtime because they don’t use the same business model, but paying for all the other channels that earn their profits of advertising, this paying to watch advertising, seems lame. I wouldn’t pay hulu for that.

Hey I agree with you. Networks, even local channels, want money from cable companies to carry their programming. Here in my area Time Warner Cable wasn’t going to carry my local channel 9 because they wanted too much. Channel 9, advertised this saying that you will lose ALL your favorite shows like Lost thanks to Time Warner. Anyways, they caved and payed them what they wanted. This all results in higher prices for the consumer in the end and it is getting ridiculous. Viacom wanted nearly $250 million from Time Warner for their programming on MTV, VH-1, Comedy Central, ect… Soon after Time Warner agreed to it, they announced a price increase for their subscribers.

But with that said, let’s say everyone goes to a site like Hulu for their TV watching. Do you really think cable providers will allow that kind of free viewing without consequences? What will happen is a cap on how much you can download and that will nip that in the bud fast. Then, once the cap is imposed, their services will be exempt from the cap and the services like Hulu or even Netflix won’t. About all ISP’s here in the US will do this if they offer television service coupled with internet. It is in their best interest to keep you from watching for free because it means the end for their overpriced television plans.

Here in our house, the wife and I are thinking about cancelling the TV and upgrading the net. There is so much junk that we pay for that we never watch. About 10-15 channels out of 100 are even watched by us so why pay for the rest? Anyways, if they, cable and satellite providers, were smart, they would offer the chance to pick the channels that you want. That way, they could bargain for lower prices being paid to networks that have little subscriber viewership.

Exactly, the cable companies should allow you to choose which channels you want.

I dont think bandwidth caps will ever happen over here. Look at the backlash time warner got.

Sites like hulu and youtube are eventually going to have to charge. The executive are going to want to monetize the sites, which will lead to less viewership.

No kidding, no company should actually attempt to charge for their product, everything should be given away for free.

Surely you worked your whole life without having the audacity to ask for a paycheck, amirite?

Go ahead… Let them start charging… I wasn’t impressed with Hulu anyway! Way too much crap! Trying to find something was like looking for a ‘needle in a haystack’! Just another thing for those people ‘with more money than brains’ to sign up for!!!

Time Warner merely shelved the cap idea for now. They still plan on implementing it. Their only mistake, in their mind, is they didn’t “educate” the public enough. If you are with Time Warner Cable, they have alreadty made changes to the Terms of Service with a loophole for caps. So it has already started.

Yes, what chuck said I like Hulu and all but I don’t like it enough to pay for the shows when they are already being paid for, plus on top of that we all pay for our cable too.

I guess it’s just a convenience to go back and catch an episode or two that you missed that they want to charge for I’m just guessing but that’s what dvdrecorders, tivo’s what have you are for.

Yep, that’s a good point too. I watched some of that show Burn Notice that I keep hearing about is good but never really got around to watching it and firing it up on hulu was a good experience to get to see a new program that lives up to it’s reputation.

Well, if Hulu starts charging then I will start going to www.casttv.com they have the same stuff.

I started watching some of the old TV programming (Barney Miller, Remington Steele, etc.) on Hulu a few months ago. If they start charging, I’ll rent the DVDs instead or get a Netflix subscription.