Would you pay off mortgage early or continue paying monthly instalments?

Well there’s always a start :slight_smile: You might as well star thinking about it ahead of time. You live now today, but who knows if you will live tomorrow - always good to be prepared - Here come with me and let me show you our vast selections suitable for every financial needs :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

Maybe not pay it off entirely, but look at a amortization schedule for your mortgage and pay off up to the point where the interest is not knocking your socks off. You won’t get that kinda guaranteed interest at a bank in a money market account or CD.

Edit - or make extra principal payments each month with the interest from the savings and have it both ways. The interest on the savings also instantly gets more interest by lowering the interest payment the next month

I’m paying 4.69% pa on roughly $100,000. World equity markets have been poor over the last quarter so after tax this $100,000 has only made 12.97% over the last year. It is true that between Dec 31 1999 and March 15 2003 that losses amounted to about 25% but longer run I have made over 6% pa in real terms. Even $5,000 pa after tax is worth having. Have no intention of ever repaying. Yes I know that there are risks involved but all this talk of bank accounts, CDs is really depressing.