Would you pay 5$ for music downloads?



I just posted the article Would you pay 5$ for music downloads ?.

Red Herring Research has done research regarding online music and streaming. They found out that a lot of people would pay 5$ for an online music subscription service. But because of for example…

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No :frowning:


I would if it mean unlimited album downloading. 250,- isn’t that much :slight_smile:


If I was on crack, yes :slight_smile:


I would not pay for streaming… but for save to hdd that i can then burn to cd for muh car :slight_smile: i would pay $10.00 a month


no never ! not as long as there are free alternatives…


I would pay if the songs are in high bi-rate and clean. Also, could be saved on the H.D.


It’s quite a crap. Music companies should have learnt from Napster and all the others but seems they haven’t. Offering music for dl BUT only with limiting number and volume and prohibiting to burn(!)…damn, they´re so stupid. And I’d like to know if files are available in all bitrates in such a service. If not, forget it. Otherwise, forget it too :4




No songwriter in the world is going to agree to that - it effectively ALLOWS freereighn theft of their stuff. No Napper (service user) in the world is going to agree to that, it offers nothing more than what you can get already for free! What they need is a proper service whereby music is not ‘shared’ between users but is available for high bandwidth download directly from properly set up servers run by music companies - perhaps at the cost of 50p to £1 / song. It offers the user guaranteed fast downloads and high music quality and the artist guaranteed £££s.


DAMN! this is soooe laugheable, paying for músic(or Movies for that matter) :d What never seizes to amaze me(although maybe it shouldn’t :slight_smile: is the endless lack of insight into the inner workings of the net that is shown again and again by various execs. To actually believe that distribution of media (online) can be controlled to the point where ppl will actually pay for it really is beyond naive. Sure there’ll always be the odd lama who’ll pay for music, but it’s not like it’s a real problem for the majority of users to find free music online(not even without sharing apps). So guys give it up, You won’t bag any of my $$


Guys, ya gotta buy some music. If no one buys then no one gets paid then no one makes more music.


I would pay 5$ if: 1. The MP3 are of good quality (min 192 k/s) 2. It means I then legally own the songs