Would you like to see a linux version of AnyDVD?

Even if there are some partial solutions, Linux still lacks a rock-solid application to overcome DVD-Video copy protections, mainly ARccOS-like ones.

Since James from SlySoft carefully follows the forum, helps us and satisfies our wishes :bow: , let him hear what CDFreaks users think about that!

: Please don’t turn the thread into a Linux-vs-Windows flame war! :bigsmile:


Nope never seen Linux nevermind use it !

Not being able to backup movies using Linux is one of the main reasons I don’t use Linux as much as I would like to. :sad:

If there was one for linux a lot of business would grow from it. I don’t know how you would do it (knowing nothing about the structure of how linux works) but it would be great for the people who use it to have something like AnyDVD.


How about the option, “I may even be willing to give Linux a go, knowing backing up my movies will be taken care of the easy way!”

Yeah, but I wanted to focus the poll on more on AnyDVD than on using Linux or not… :wink:
Personally I think that there are also other reasons to “give Linux a go” apart from that, so…


BTW, I’ve just noticed that the 3rd option is ambiguous/misleading… the “it” of “I don’t use [B]it[/B]” refers to AnyDVD and not to Linux, in my intentions. :frowning:
I’m sorry, but I’m really quite a n00b regarding polls…

Yes please, I would love a Linux version of Any DVD, that would be the icing on the Linux cake.

Well, Jan70 fixed it. Thanks a lot. :flower:
voxsmart[/I], you said “yes” but you did not vote! :smiley:


I believe a Linux solution will be inevitable in the next few years. As Microsoft tries to appease the MPAA, they will force DRM into their OS and force us to find alternatives to backup our media. Since Linux is not controlled by any company, these types of forced DRM will not exist. The only thing missing is an AnyDVD type application.

There was a discussion a year or more ago about porting CloneDVD to Linux. Since it is based on QT, the port should not be too difficult. Perhaps we could have both CloneDVD and AnyDVD in Linux? Hey, even Nero is now working with Linux…

I am using my 1000th posting on cdfreaks to say that I would dump Bill Gates in an second if Adobe (Photoshop, Page Maker & Illustrator) and a few other programs were writen to the Linux platform. While it’s true that the best office suite is probably still MS Office Pro, I would keep one (real small) computer running windows for that reason.

So my vote is YES, I’d like to see AnyDVD and CloneDVD writen to run on Linux. As well as all other programs. But I don’t know how expensive development costs would be for Slysoft and Elby(?) or other software companies.

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To me asking this question is like asking me would i like to breath oxygen for the next hour.

Yes definitely.

I believe i even started an exact same thread for this time last year.

The only other App i would then need a linux port of is Nero CD/DVD speed for my quality checking and im set.

Count me in as a purchaser of this. I just hope slysoft are kind and offer paying Anydvd users a nice discount. But i would still buy even if there was not as AnyDVD for linux is more essential than that for windows. As you cant even watch DVD’s on linux without all the protection removed from the DVD’s.


You’re right. :iagree:


[I]THEY[/I] will find a way to stop you. From my American point of view, with a conservative, lobby-graft saturated legislature in DC, they can buy (pass) a law that says that all versions of Linux sold in the US must contain DRM! “They” will buy other country’s governments too.

Sorry to be negative. On the bright side, [I]WE[/I] must always find a way to protect our fair use rights! … right? :frowning: People like Slysoft deserve the money we pay to help preserve these rights which date back to the early part of the 20th century. Don’t let the digital age re-write our fair use rights established by a long series of hard-earned and judicially decided legal precedents and also the upholding of those same precedents upon Judicial challenge! If you [I]bought[/I] a movie on a medium that is subject to degradation or damage, you have the right to back it up. I do not condone piracy of rented or borrowed originals.


It will be difficult, because you don’t have to buy Linux. I compiled my system from all the sources (Linux From Scratch), what’s to stop anyone from leaving out or modifying the DRM source (should there ever be one).

There is a free Linux version that runs from a CD or DVD (w/more programs) called Knoppix without any installation at all. It makes RAM Disks from your memory and no hard drive is necessary. A Linux version of AnyDVD and a burning program on another or the same DVD would be great and we could put some older outdated computers to work again.


Even use the disk to boot right from the DVD without Windows messin’ up the ripping/burning process. IOW’s a single use DVD boot disk.

But would enough people pay for it to make it worthwhile to the company? I doubt it, those Linux disciples are something else when it comes to paying for software. The Linux God has no use for “rendering unto Caesar”.

Yes, i want AnyDVD for Linux!!!

Question though would this be an new program or just reconstruct the original for use in windows and/or linux?

i’d buy it, i could finally ditch windows altogether if anydvd (and maybe clonedvd as dvdshrink doesn’t work too well under wine) were ported.

they’re really the only windows software i still need.

come on, if google can do it slysoft can :wink:

If they do I would like it to detect that it is windows or linux, because I may go to it if windows gets too high and mighty on selling there new OS.