Would you like some DRM with your codec?

Would you like some DRM with your codec? No thank you!

CoreCodec the makers of CoreAVC released version 1.2 of their MPEG4 decoding software at the end of last week. However the new activation system and problematic download system has left several people (Including myself) without access to the software and out of pocket (For the time being).

To read about the whole sorry state of affairs please make your way backwards through this thread.


Once again copy protection measures prove that it is only the ‘legitimate’ users who are being penalised by these draconian systems. People who obtain cracked versions probably do not have to worry about such sillyness.

I thought CoreCodecs like CoreAAC, CoreAVC were free were they not? I’ve been using them for a while as a plain no-frills H.264, HE-AAC and LC-AAC decoder and they work just fine, albiet lacking post-processing features… Sounds like a bad turn …

DRM just blows! :frowning:


Which version of CoreAVC are you using? as it is commercial software AFAIK.


CoreAAC is freeware AFAIK, primarily because it is based on open-source code.

I am not using ANY version at the moment. I cannot even download it. Their website and activation system appear to be completey broken. The original CoreAVC 1.0 was freeware for basic decoding features I believe. They went commercial with 1.1 I think (Had a Pro version). Now with 1.2 they’ve created this new ‘feature’ of activation with a registration number and the software needs to ‘phone home’ in order to work. All this for a codec.

I think mine was 1.0 or even earlier … don’t have an AVC file on hand to check it …

AVC becomes a dead format?

NO! AVC WILL NEVER DIE! It’s an ISO Standard - even if CoreAVC goes to the wayside, we still have x264 which is free.

Paying for encoders, there’s still Mainconcept, and NeroAVC and probably a few others … AVC as a format is MPEG4 Part10 … it stipulates nothing about DRM. It’s just something that’s up with the CoreCodec group!