Would you change your name?

I like mine, I don’t want to change it…would you like to change yours :slight_smile: ? If yes, why and to which new name :smiley:

I did change mine in March last year.
To Mrs Dee :):stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, my name sux, but not as much as I would like to change my address, I feel asamed whenever I order something :frowning:

i like my name:D so nope i wouldnt change it

was last year Dee my god its nearly a year :eek:

I like my name too…I get some great responses to my last name

So it was, geeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzz 10 months already :o. and i still have L plates on :stuck_out_tongue: and enjoying the learning process.
hehehe :smiley:

EDIT goes to edit my prev post

when i was younger yes, even though most people i know have called me by my nick name since junior school (10 yrs old). now i don`t mind my name at all.

Which name? Legal name used in passport or CDFreaks account name or what friends use to address me or MSN chat name? Changing the legal name: illegal. CDFreaks names: I have other accounts of mine and my wife. MSN names: I have about 10 and will and can add more if I want other names. Most frequently used name: Kenny and Ken <- tried to use other names several times in the mid-1990s and late 1990s but went back to Kenny again and again.

Yeah…Ivan the Great.

Well if I hadn’t used it all over the net, I would have change my nickname (Dee-ehn) a long time ago. I kinda hate it, as it’s pretty stupid. It would give too much troubles though, so I just let it be.

My real name is just fine.

There’s no option for “yes, but I don’t have a problem with my old name”

I changed my name last year. There are no boys on my mother’s side to carry on her maiden name… and there are two on my father’s side. My brother can carry on my family’s name, and I will carry on my mother’s. I adopted my father’s middle name as my middle name, and retained my first name.

Did you add your husband’s surname to your name too :stuck_out_tongue: ?

Maybe for a week or two.

I love my real name, especially my real last name, since it’s unpronouncable in almost any other language than dutch. (No, i am not telling you it. Don’t ask. Repeat. No and don’t ask)

i can pronounce Belvedere…haven’t seen your show in forever…

i wouldn’t change my name at all, i have a very “sexy” name :wink:

To bad you sold/terminated it… :smiley:

i terminated it

no domains of me had ever my real name and/or address :slight_smile:

Hmmm, I recall it was something like: Arjen BLa… (shit… can’t remember…) :confused:

there was one missing on the Poll…i would giving the right circumstances…I would at sometime in the FUTURE be willing to change my LAST name only…:wink: