Would you buy these?


If not, will you let me know why and direct me to somewhere else :smiley:


to be honest, i wouldn’t, just in case, ebay can sell a lot of crap, i’m also not saying these are.

go to rima.com for geniune TY, maybe a bit dearer, but you’ll not have to worry about it being fake


that is true huh, after my latest HORRIBLE memorex I wouldnt want to take the chance.

looks good then right… (I have better luck with +r) :slight_smile:

perfect :clap:

but also have a look here http://club.cdfreaks.com/forumdisplay.php?f=58 for any good bargains

Thanks Bjp, I already went through that lol. just picked up a nice case from newegg with free shipping :clap: :iagree:

I might have given’em a try. The seller has a !00% approval rating and some of the comments said the burns were excellent…[B][I]BUT[/I][/B], the shipping was $12+ so where is the saving? So :disagree:

No one in the US should EVER buy media from ebay. You can get a 100 pack of the genuine unbranded TY from www.rima.com for $27+shipping so why on earth would you spend $24 shipped on a 50 pack that may or may not be genuine TY? I can personally vouch for rima as can many others as being a top notch company to buy from.