Would you buy or rent ad-supported movies?

I just posted the article Would you buy or rent ad-supported movies?.

According to a news published at Ars Technica, IBM is patenting an application to insert unskippable commercials in rented or bought DVDs. After loading the disc, the player will check the support to…

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Ads don’t pay for content. Buying the advertised product pays for content. Here’s how: When you buy something part of the price goes to paying advertisers. The advertisers take a cut and send money to content creators who make “ad supported” content and give it away. I have a better idea. Let’s eradicate all ads, and cut the cost of advertising out of the price of products and just pay for everything. It means no “free” “ad supported” content but we’re paying anyway (see above). If I want to know about something I’ll investigate it here or elsewhere on the Internet. I don’t need them telling me what to buy. DRM, product placement, logos all over the screen, television banner ads, watermarks, I often wonder how much more garbage people will take.


Yes I would but only if they are dirt cheap like 99cents.

Most software that allows you to “back up” your DVDs can be used to disable “Prohibited User Operations”, such as skipping FBI warnings, etc. I suspect that this may encourage more people to copy their rented movies and watch the copy, rather than the original rental.

What? Haven’t you seen the AD laden movies at all and now you want to add more Ads? Give me a break! I got a $700 DVD HDD recorder and I can’t even skip through the freaking previews on my own machine now! Why can’t a person just go straight to the menu on a machine that he or she just bought! This is what really pisses me off!

I’m sure you could easily remove the ads with DVD Remake (Pro). This would be another example for the copy being better than the original movie. But then the industry will complain about illegal copies again. Another example of the industry not understanding customers. :r

The movies aired by TV are free but with ads. The money obtained from ads go to movie producer & maintaining the TV channel. Is just a minor difference: maintaining the TV channel will be replaced with manufacturing the disk. So, these disks should be free. :S

People already pay for DVDs polluted with ads. :r Well, some do, not me. :d Why pay for ads when you can read spam for free?

Just because IBM patents it, doesn’t mean anyone will use it, even IBM. They file many, many patents a year. Hell, the last IBM patent I read was for a program that automates outsourcing. Sure, that will likely be used but this? This is akin to Panasonics (think it was them) patent a year or so ago on forcing DVR users to watch commercials.

“This is akin to Panasonics (think it was them) patent a year or so ago on forcing DVR users to watch commercials.” I know why we’re boycotting Sony, but why aren’t we boycotting Panasonic for this? Why should Panasonic get away with this?

It was Philips. My gripe with new movies is all the blatant product placements.

Buy or rent a dvd that comes with commercial interruptions? Don’t be silly. I don’t even watch broadcasted shows or movies unless they are being played back from a device that lets me skip commercials.

Why boycott Panasonic if they don’t implement the tech? Having the patent keeps the tech out of the hands of other companies.

I was under the impression that the whole point of the DVD was so that I could skip crap I didn’t want to see. That’s the only reason I ever bought a DVD player. But that was before my media boycott so it’s just dusty now. Oh well, back to my book.

No I will never buy ad based. at least in my lifetime.