Would this chipset be alright for 12x burning?

I am thinking of getting this enclosure from ebuyer;

I think it’s an EPASS 8801B chipset. Anyone tried one of these enclosures out??

Maybe chas0039 would know. Did see his test of Enclosures?


I have one, or should i say, had one. It’s ok for upto 8x DVD.

Yeah, I’ve checked out Chas’s tests. Ive already got a prolific enclosure, from SVP, but soon after swapping my pioneer 111 in and out of it a few times, the drive developed a fault with the draw mechanism, so Im assuming SVP’s one isnt that great build quality. I was wondering in this chipset would yield good results with my dvr-111.

Dee could you possibly do a transfer rate test with a pressed dvd-video in your enclosure? Could you also tell me where the drive max’s out exactly when writing dvd+r?

Sorry i can’t, as i said i had one, the PSU blew up and i haven’t had time to get around to RMA’ing the enclosure.
It maxes out at about 10x on USB.

LOL, i heard of that happening to someone else too. I doubt that many people are actually really burning that much with that enclosure at ebuyer, so maybe if you use it permanantly, the PSU goes bust. I guess I’ll just go for another the same one I got from SVP and if the drive malfunctions again, just RMA it again.

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