Would this burner be better than the NEC3500?

Im looking at the HP 420ve external burner. I seen it at walmart of all places for like 150 bucks. The thing is i need to get an external burner as for I am gonna use my dvd-rom on my computer for ripping.

thanks for your help!


Yo dan1981-

Is there some compelling reason to get an external drive? (like to swap between computers or laptop ?)

Seems like the internal version would work as the slave to your DVD rom and cost like 1/2 as much (I just got my 3500 from www.newegg.com for $77 + $4 shipping)-

Just some thoughts-

Happy Burnin’


It’s cheaper to roll your own external. Just get a 3500A, and an external case of your choice. Very easy to simply install drive into case, plug case into PC. Newegg has several different external cases with either USB2 or Firewire, or both in one. Like this one