Would this be wrong?

Thier is this guy at work that keeps pestering me and a couple of others to backup dvd’s for him. He is always sticking his nose into our buisness and conversations about what we have burned and why we havent backed up any of his stuff. He has a laptop but just doesn’t want to spend the money on an external burner (because he just spent a fourtune on a high dollar projection tv). One guy told him that he wasn’t going to burn anything for him because he was being a pest. I burned a few just to shut him up (about a dozen) but I really didn’t keep track of exactlly how many, so he says it was six and gave me six blank disks (I wouldn’t accept money for doing it as that is way to illegal and risky).
So I’m thinking, since he is being such a pest, and since he could do it himself with an 80$ burner but wants to make everybody else do it for him, I do have some crap media (princo, cmcmagaf1, fake media code sony gq, etc.) that I can burn well enough that it is playable (but by no means good), that I could use up backing up for him, in exchange for equal amounts of good media (he doesn’t know the diffrence). I’ve got a couple of hundred disks that I wouldn’t mind getting rid of.

no it wouldn’t…if he sees the backup results are bad…maybe he’ll never come back to you for doin backups :slight_smile:

go for it

Go get him tiger! :wink:

I would burn a virus with it. :smiley:

This is all so wrong, that it’s actually good! Kill the idiot!

Just give him 50 craps media for free and tell him to buy an external burner plus external harddrive. Don’t waste your time for him anymore.

it all depends on how much you value your own time…

if you are willing to spend the time, then by all means, go for it…

if not, do what zevia said :wink:

I would not do that. The process with such kind of people never stops and he can cause you later a lot of trouble.

Well, how much does he know about media quality, does he know how to scan and interpret them?

Oh, and do it if you can actually be bothered to do so, or if you want quality media back :slight_smile:

I would at least inform him that in exchange for backing up his discs that you are going to use whatever media you see fit (and not necessarily the discs that he has provided).
If he agrees to that then… he agrees!

As a matter of caution: I would be very leary backing up discs for anyone else - as you can not be 100% sure that this person legally owns the disc. Needless to say, if he does not really own the content, then you are breaking the law. Another possibility you should consider is that it might possibly put your employment in jeopardy since you know this person from work.
(I wouldn’t be backing up any discs for him myself, especially in quantity).

Yo ripper-

Personally - I would cut the cheap SOB off - telling him to burn his own shit-

Like Wesociety says - once a disc is out of your control - it is out of control - not worth the personal risk you are exposing yourself to IMO-


Hmmm. So he can spend a boat load on a big tv but can’t spring for and external drive. I don’t think so. I’m guessing that he couldn’t be bothered to do it himself and would rather you be the source of free labor. Unless he’s getting you TYs, i’d take Mr. B’s advice and just kill’m. j/k, but I think the more some one bothered me for a backup (or anything actually) the less I would be likely to comply.

I would have to agee with BigMike and Wes on their point as well.

I have already been blowing him off for a while. He doesn’t know anything about media nor does he have a drive to scan in so I figured it might be a way to get rid of crap media, and he will buy whatever replacment media I tell him to (cmcmagaf1 for verbatium sound pretty good since verbatium is on sale this week). You guy are right though. Either they won’t play and he will give up or he will come to expect it from me which could really turn into a hassle, plus who knows if they are his disks. I supose that you could say that if the disk is in his posession it’s his disk, if he gives the disk to someone else (or back to someone else), thats no diffrent than him legally backing it up himself and then giving away the disk and ilegally keeping the backup, so it’s on his head. The more I think about it, the more its probably not worth the trouble or my time(I only have about 125 crappy disks that I have had for ever). They are handy for testing and franklly, my 3500 can burn them well enough that they play fine (pi spikes around 80 max) so for non important stuff, I could always use them myself. I think I am just going to blow him off. It could be to much trouble to have to deal with him after the crap media was gone if I did. I supose that I could intentionally make bad burns (neither of my other burners will burn this stuff good) just to screw with him and get him to give up on it. That might be fun.

Send one of the originals back to him scaracted so it wont play and maybe he will quit bothering you. The only bad thing is that he may want you to replace it.

Just tell him your reasons for NOT doing it! Don’t go putting your own “reputation” on the line. Your name/ honour is the most valuable thing anyone can have in life.
The next best thing to do is what Mr. B said, “Kill the idiot!”

Kill him…slowly, by ignoring him.

YEAH screw him!!!.. i hate pests at work i wish i could just bury them in a deep hole with my gold shovell hehehehehehehehe

I hate people like that, they just expect everything to br handed to them, utter crap. And I agree, if he can afford a super expensive projector, then he can buy an external burner. He’s just too lazy to do it himself and/or learn how to do it.

It’s too bad I just cannot tell him to go screw himself. I can tell him no but if I basically tell him he’s and ass hole and he’s acting like a baby, go get your own damn burner and do it yourself, then I still have to deal with him at work every day. That won’t nesassarilly stop me from tormenting him a little though. The sad thing is that he is mid-late 30’s, married with children, a manager (at a higher level than me making more money) and his wife makes more money than him so he’s not an 18 year old making minimum wage thats broke or anything. He’s in another department though so he has no authority over me. I could always just copy a few things with half the main movie missing or something (thats strange, I have no idea what happened, you still owe me blank disks), lol!!!