Would this be MCC04 media?

This could be MCC04, and if it is it seems like a hell of a deal.

I ordered a spindle tonight, guess I will know when it comes in :wink:

You can trust New Egg. It is real MCC04

Is all Verbatim 16x DVD+R guaranteed to be MCC04 though?

I heard some of it was made in India and it isn’t nearly as good, unless that is only the 8x variety?

All Verbatim 16x +R is MCC04, yes some is made in India and some is made in Tiawan.

I have some Made in Tiawan 25 packs and they burn great, I can’t remember what ones are better though but I’m sure someone here can answer that.

I got my Verbatim 16X+R from newegg yesterday(2 day ship!) in the same deal and they are MCC004 and made in Taiwan. I haven’t used one yet tho…