Would there be a Difference?

Ok say I copy a dvd with DVD Cloner 6 or 1click copy it gets stored in a temp folder so when its done it gets stored on my hard drive when its done copying the program ask me to burn it I say NO and go in the Temp folder and burn with Imgburn would there be a difference between burning with dvd cloner 6 burning engine or would it be the same with imgburn in terms of the quality of the dvd?

In terms of [I]quality[/I], no difference…

The only difference you might see is if you are doing a full backup of the dvd, without compression and burning to a double layer disk. ImgBurn will set the layer break correctly. I don’t know if you can say the same for the other program.

Of course, on regular dvds, there wouldn’t be any difference using the same burning speed in each program, the same disks, etc. Gotta use the same parameters in the comparison.