Would the Data file (ISO) last longer than the actual DVD data?

Say you have a .ISO file of a movie, you can burn this data file onto a DVD and save it for long term (so you can create a perfect fresh copy of a movie in years to come.

On the other hand, you can just use this .ISO file and burn the movie onto a DVD and then in years to come, just copy this.

But, would the DVD movie version suffer from data errors, and a copy of a copy of a copy get worse and worse, wheras the .ISO file will always be 100% perfect and error free?

There is no difference if you save a movie as ISO or as vob-bup-ifo files. The ISO contains exactly the same information of the vob-bup-ifo files, so you are at risk to loss data only using low quality media.

Using quality discs you can have a higher probability to save your data with safety for a longer time

There would be difference in the data integrity of the two scenarios. The data remains error free only as long as the disc medium is readable in your drive, and nobody knows for sure how long that will be.

The advantage of burning a Video DVD is that you can play it directly. You can then make a new ISO image from that disc at a later date if you need to.

The advantage of burning an ISO file onto the DVD is that if the file is small enough, you may be able to fit other (ISO) files onto the same DVD.

So, if you take a copy of a copy of a copy of a copy of a copy etc etc etc…

Of an actual DVD movie (even on a disk of lowish quality with plenty of pi etc errors, the last one will be as perfect as the 1st one. Like it is with PC data files?

As long as the original one isn’t copy protected, and that you don’t deliberately ignore errors when copying a corrupted copy, then the n-th copy will be identical to the original. :iagree:

Thanks for the replies.

I think I was looking at this in the wrong direction,as in Movie data was somethinf different to computer data, when in fact it’s just the same.

Hm … if there’s not too many of those ISO files, then buy some cheap 80 GB disk, put them on and ad acta! HDDs last longer, especially if used only when you need it.