Would replacing a NEC 3500 with the DW1640 be an upgrade for DVD ripping?


Mostly, I rip DVD movies using DVD Shrink and burn with Roxio (yeah, I know, but it came with the NEC 3500 and the Nero version I had wouldn’t support a DL drive).

Consequently, I’m mainly interested in any possible increase in rip spped. My 3500 does a good job with the flashed firmware I’m using taking about 21 minutes to create the ISO file after the initial analysis (using DVD Shrink).

What do you think? Save my money, or would I be able to shave a few minutes off ripping a DVD movie with the DW1640 over the 3500?


save your money. ripping a full DVD won’t save more than a couple minutes with a new drive.

I heard that NEC drive has rip lock
Try patched firmware to see if you can got any improvement

BenQ 1640 is a good, fast drive, but the speed improvement may not be obvious (Just guess)