Would like to see subtitles

I use DVDFab Decrypter + DVD Shrink which burns with Nero. I copied a French movie w/English subtitles. The subtitles are nowhere to be found when I go into reauthor.

Ensure in shrink settings you have all sub streams enabled in preferences if so the subs may be incorperated into the movie and you will not see them in reauthor try playing the movie with your software player and you should see the subs

Before I re-burned the movie, in Shrink Preferences > Stream Selections > Audio Language & Coding Type, I had “English” (should I have set this to French??) and "AC3 or LPCM"
In re-author, I made sure subpicture and all audio channels were selected. Checked the movie in both my stand alone DVD player and computer DVD player. No subtitles. Any ideas??

Does the origional play with subs ? under stream selections choose force player to play the sub you require

There aren’t subtitles anywhere…the only subtitles I saw were on the original DVD movie. Does it make a difference that I use “DVDFab Express Decrypter”? There are no settings for this program…you just hit “start”.

very strange dvdfab decryptor should copy the whole disc complete my advice is to download a trial copy of dvd region free and try ripping the disc from within shrink I have used regionfree for quite a while now and have found it to work well with shrink

Thanks. I’ll try dvd region. I have burned 3 subtitled movies…2 of them didn’t work, one did. I made no setting changes. Weird eh?

I honestly dont know why you would not see the subs after ripping with dvdfab decryptor as it copys the whole movie complete , let us know if it works with region free ok you are right it is wierd