Would like to get suggestions on backing up my dvd movies

Hello to everyone! yes i am a noob here!
been looking thru forums for several hours now & am quite
impressed by the knowledge of everyone here.
would like to get suggestions on backing up my dvd movies.
have done a few using x-copy platinum,but do not care for
their logo at beginning of back-up disks & numerous error messages. Looking for something reliable & fast.
have seen several people talking about dvd decryptor &
dvd shrink used together. is this the best way to go? or, any other suggestions? My system/home built-
P4 2.4 oc’d to 3.1
win xp pro sp1
1 gig DDR500 kingston hyper x
4-200 gig sata samsung in raid 1/0
nec nd3500a master/ide 0
tdk 840g Slave/ide1
gainward FX5700ultra golden sample
audigy 2 zs

dvdshrink is the best and it is also free give it a try :iagree:
I use it all the time
Sometimes I use dvddecrypter if shrink has trouble ripping a movie but overall it works wonderful


Now that 321 studios is out of business your xcopy is unsupported (never liked it much anyway)-

DVDdecrypter and DVDshrink are good programs and best of all are free-

I personally use AnyDVD and a cheapo version of InterVideo Dicc Copy ($11 at www.ussa.com)
and am burnin’ movies compressed to one disc in +/- 30 minutes using Taiyo Yuden 8x +R’s (less than $.60 from www.rima.com) - and strongly recommend this combination for “one click” burnin’


I agree with bigmike7 xcopy really sucks.i have xcopy and xcopy platnum and could get either to work how i wanted…

but like sober1 said i mainly use Dvd shrink with Dvd Decryptor together for flawless backups…both are freeware and you can get them at http://doom9.org

I also have several others just incase one has a problem…If you or anyone would like i can send you a guide in 4 simple steps that i made…It is in M$ word form…if you want it send me email address in a pm

Now remember one of the most important thing is good quality disk

hope this helps and good luck

Many,many Thanks to everybody’s replies & so quick too!!
to rfjr23 i will pm you about that guide,Thank you!
What is it that a person would have to do to run these 2 programs together? is it something you do on installation?
or after they are installed? Sorry for being such a noob.
Thanks again!! :bow:

They are 2 separate programs and 2 separate installs.

It has been a while since I have used Dvd Decrypter with Shrink, so someone can correct me if my memory fails me.
You will have to rip it with Dvd Decrypter in File mode.
After that is done, you will have to open Shrink and choose “Open Files”. Find where you saved the file ripped from Dvd Decrypter to and open it. To let Shrink rip the movie, you choose “Open Disc” which is easiest.

Here is a good tutorial to help.