Would like scans of Liteons with CD-R media

hi myce members , im trying to help someone choose a burner for burning PS1 etc…

his problem is that burns wont run properly in his PS1 the FMV and music skips sometimes it wont even boot.

i too had this problem but was advised by members on this forum to get a new burner.

i got a Liteon iHAS-324 B , actually after the great scans i bought now own 4 of them.

so yeah i want to help this other person achieve great results too as well as get his PS1 running properly.

would anyone be willing to do scans with CD-R media ?

what im looking for is a Liteon with low C1/C2 errors in Nero CD-DVD Speed.

please post your scan as well as Liteon model etc…

Just curious, did you use the LiteOn to scan its own CD-R burns, or…?

hi Albert long time no speak…

i have 2 installed in one PC the top one is for Gamecube PS1 and Sega Saturn and the bottom one is just for Dreamcast.

also the bottom one is the one i do scans with…

I’m a little confused by your post, but i’ll try my best.

As with 360’s which i have alot of experience in, there are some consoles, that are better at reading media then others, so your friend may have a PS1 that can’t read the same type of media (brand) that another reads fine, or the laser may be dying…if it is a media issue, it may scan fine, and it may even be able to read the data fine, but media can always cause weird problems. You may try changing the media around to a different brand, checking out PS1 backup forums for what people had good luck with may help.

As for asking for CDR scans, there are tons of scans available if you check the forum your in…i don’t know how you missed them, some are even CDR, but the real issue would be that their CDR scan’s wouldnt mean your drive’s would be perfect or the same in any sense, its just to give an idea, so if your buddy is having a problem, start with the cheapest fix, and work towards the bigger ones, meaning, change the brand of media, then the burner, then the PS1…hope this makes sense and helps, if i misunderstood your post, my apologies.

thanks for the tips zak , unfortunately my friend hasnt been on Racketboy forums in 1 month.

he did have a Thread where i was helping through the problem but yeah he disappeared.

i hope he doesnt give up , but it looks that way…

no problem, hopefully you get it sorted out with him