Would just like 1 thing from my NEC2500A

… for it to read my older dvd+/-discs (for it to burn more than 1/3 of my DVD+/-discs properly would be nice too).
I’ve just updated the firmware to 1.07, the newest.
I don’t care for (at this moment) unlocked rip speeds, region free, etc.
I would just like to retrieve my data from about 12 other DVD-R I burned with my older DVD burner (I got a new computer that came with a NEC2500A).
I have:
NEC2500A (master) OEM
Nero, ASPI updated
System ASPI not installed (I’ve downloaded Adaptec v4.71a2)
Nvidia chipset
Win XP.

I realize that the NEC2500 is a poor reader (via the search function) and this may be hopeless but any help is greatly appreciated.

The media I used was not great, I admit, but I would still like the data from these discs.
Sorry for the double post :sad: (its also in the newbie forum), but I thought that it would attract more attention here.
Any help would be greatly appreciated. :slight_smile:

For your read problem I would suggest to invest in a 25$ dvd-rom, maybe a Liteon or Aopen which you could also use for quality tests.

Your burning problem may be in relation with the Nforce ide drvers that you might want to replace by Microsoft drivers. use good media to se whether it’s the media or the system or the drive being qualified to be rma’ed.

Have a look at the sticky faqs at the beginning of the Nec Forum for more tips.