Would it be possible? A Twitter File System?



Strange idea (licensed)

Twitter is a message of 140 characters, basically all possible characters can be used.

Files are, basically, also characters, a lot more than 140, but still, a lot of characters.

Zip files (or any other file compressing archive method known to man) are also files, special files.

Would it be possible to:

  • Devide a file, let’s call it document.zip, into 140 character bits
  • Post all of them on a Twitter account with some header, footer and crc/par2 checksum
  • Read them back and automatically save all those devided parts
  • Make them one again, recreating document.zip


Amazingly strange file system that can quickly spreads files to a lot of people.
Twitter is free, but i don’t know if they will agree on this method of using twitter, though you can’t send too much messages per day to it.

Seems something like it exists as well

I think it exists already. Now someone make a Windows GUI.