Would flashing the wrong firmware brick my burner?

I’m about to update the firmware on my Emprex 18x DVD burner, the sticker on the burner says it’s made by Sony in China. So if I flash it with the Sony firmware, will it brick my burner? If it’s bricked, are their ways to un-brick it? Thanks.

The Emprex 18x is just a Sony G170A, even says so on the label. As long as you flash the firmware for that model, why would it brick the burner?

I’m asking if the Sony firmware is not the right model and if I flashed it, would it brick my burner? I still haven’t flash the Sony firmware yet fearing this might happen.

yes. you can’t really expect the firmware from a different model to randomly work on another, can you? and no, after you f it up there is no way to fix it.

If you aren’t able to identify your drive by any means, then you shouldn’t be flashing the drive.

If it’s really an AW-G170A, you should be able to use Binflash for flashing. This tool will detect whether a firmware is compatible with your drive or not.

Thanks for the replies, I guess I won’t risk it.