Would Customs Hit Me?

Ive recently started using eBay (getting slightly addicted actually) and ive seen some great prices on new clothing from the US even though shipping is more and i have to pay a dollar transaction fee to my bank it still works out cheaper and those guys have tons more stuff than we do in the UK :smiley:

So does anybody know if customs :cop: would hit me for anything? this is mainly new clothing items im on about, infact how would customs even know?

you could have someone in the us purchase said items and send them to you as a gift…I did that for a friend in austria…i would send him Ralph Lauren items that were outrageous over there for a fraction of the cost…

Don’t know, but here in the Netherlands the customs have a website where it is explained what items require import charges, for which amount and up to what amount the shipment is exempted. For instance, it may be cheaper to order 1 or 2 products at a time, by which the value remains below the exempted amount and no charges are due.

However, if you want to duck these charges, you have to be careful on how it is sent. Sometimes it is mandatory to write on the label what the contents is and customs have a right to open packages to check it…penalties may be due… The more regular you order and the larger the quantities…the more likely it is you will get caught.

So, it is always best to stick with the rules of the autorities :wink:

Just down the road (from you) in gun-city (Nottingham). Like yourself I’ve been “dabbling” with e-Bay - results so far:

Camera from the channel islands - whacked for VAT
Software from America - whacked for VAT

When posting goods in the USA (to foreign climes) it would appear that a declaration has to be made as to value, etc. This is visible on the item - the only time I’ve gotten away with VAT is when the sender has “declared” of little vale, present, gift, etc.

Ask the seller (before bidding) if they are willing to declare that the item is a gift, of little value, or some such remark.

All incoming parcels normally “intercepted” by the Post Office if VAT is applicable - you have to collect and fork out the extra.

Hope this has been of some help

ahhh (slaps head) :doh: it all makes sense to me now, thanks :iagree: looks like im gona have to have a few private emails with the sellers :rolleyes:

I’ve ordered software from the US before and it got through with no problems.

btw are we simply talking about paying an extra 17.5% of the cost of the item or are there any hidden charges in there anywhere? do you just pay this to the post office when you collect it from the depot (i assume you have to collect it from the depot if you must pay VAT) as some of the larger eBay stores might be reluctant to put ‘gift’ etc on the packaging, i suppose i’d best mail the sellers and see what they have to say

I’ve never boight anything on eBay, but I noticed that many shops (esp those operating from Asian countries) write that they will do as much as possible to “fool” the customs. So I figure there are some possibilities… just don’t ask me how (ask them ;))

The only thing I bought off of ebay was a data cable for my phone. Was sent by mail from honk kong to the us. No extra charges.

Some companies trigger the custom’s computers. Amazon, Lik-Sang and various clothing and gamesites will get caught by it.

my suggestion is just try it…
don’t get anything of tremendous value…and see…ask the person you get it from if they would mark it as a gift…i’m sure most would just to get rid of it…

(so can i change my name to customs now and hit ya?)

Well i finally bit the bullet and ordered some Fubu jeans from a seller in the US he looks legit just waiting for him to confirm the shipping price, he’s also told me he always marks stuff as ‘gift’ so it looks good

so how long do you guys reckon they should take to arrive? a week, 2 weeks? 4 days :slight_smile: ?

so can i change my name to customs now and hit ya?

In your dreams :wink:

Send it as a “gift” or label it “sample of no value”, to make sure tag a invoice on the box stating zero payment. This always works…

Down under, they only send you a bill if it adds up to enough (aka $50 of tax or more)

In .au, they calculate it as 5% import tax + 10% gst = 15%.

So when you get more than $300au (inc P&H) they send you a bill (aka $45 tax bill).

Keep your orders small, and I doubt they’ll chase you for it.