Would any recommend the Wytron CD-298 as a good cd duplicator?

Hi I am thinking of buying a cd duplicator and have decided that the best deal is the Wytron CD-298, priced at £250 on 121cdr.co.uk. What I really want to know is whether it is able to copy pc/ps2/psx games etc. The info on it is here http://www.wytron.com.tw/cd-298.html

Can anyone help?


Not sure, but I would have to guess no. It’s using standard CD writers, and zero special software. Little expensive just to make personal backups…

It doesn’t come with writers, so I would put in a load of LiteOn ones, 40x. I would probably just start off with a couple of them and build them up gradually until I have a complete system of 7 writers.

anyone else know anything about this duplicator?

That’s what I’m trying to say. Anything Lite-On writers can’t easily backup without special software (CCD, Blindwrite, Alcohol) won’t be backed up by this, as it is using the same writers.

ok yer I suppose it can’t, I wish you could put software on them, clonecd on it would be great.