Would another hdd make my computer faster?

Would another hard drive make my computer run any faster…? i saw an option the other day to turn my virtual memory up…so i was thinking if i got a new hard drive…i could make all the memory on my old hard drive virtual memory…would that help anything at all? :confused:

i dont see how the system become any faster when you add a seccond HD, except when you run them in a RAID configuration.
what can help is more memory or a better videocard.

if u add another hard drive, u can put ur paging file onto it so that ur primary hard drive is free to do what it wants when the paging file needs to be accessed. however, devoting an entire hard drive for paging file use would be a waste of space. the rule of thumb for allocating paging file space is 1.5x the amount of ram u have. next time, use a more descriptive title for ur threads than “Would that help? :”.

Fixed the topic for you. Hope Belvedere and BR doesn’t mind :wink:
AZ already said about what there is to say…

What is the model#/manufacturer of the drive you have currently?? What I am thinking is that if you have an old ATA66/33 5400RPM drive, then cloning your current drive to a new/faster drive would definitely speed up your system. I have taken old Compaqs with old Maxtor/Quantum/Western Digital 13GB or smaller drives and cloned them to new WD 40GB ATA100 7200RPM drives and made significant speed improvements before. The ATA speed is not going to make the difference, it will be the RPM speed, because more that likely if you have an old ATA66/33 drive now, the controller that it is on will MOST LIKELY be the same.

Post back with the model # and manufacturer of your current drive and some more system specs such as memory, CPU, mainbaord.

Hope this helps :bigsmile: