Would a virtual rom emulate a .iso?



i was wondering if a virtual rom…(alcohol 120%) could emulate just a .iso burnt with somthing like isobuster…^^


Yes you can mount an .iso image on an alcohol virtual drive.


Hrm…i said it wrong i guess…i ment would it emulate the copy protection ;\


Somone please tell me :confused:


Posting twice doesn’t help (unless you’re wanting to move it from the middle/bottom of the page to the top).

Anyway, back on topic. Most copy protections require more information than can be stored in an .iso file. If it’s a specific protection you want to know more about don’t hesitate to ask for more details on which image file would be best to store the information needed by the copy protection.


Thanks…and getting it to the top so people would see it was the point :stuck_out_tongue: i did’nt feel like typing bump :bigsmile:


Well Deamon tools (you know that program if I’m correct :)), can emulate quite some copyprotections… try and see :slight_smile: