Would a 5005 upgrade make discs more compatible w/ other machines?



If I were to do an upgrade on my 5005, using what’s available at the Lite On website, just what problems does it solve (aside from cabbage-face)?

Would it by any chance make the recorder produce discs that are more likely to be accepted by other machines? (Just found out one of my players won’t TOUCH any of my new discs…except to show the first frame then freeze. :sad: )


Upgrades, especially drive updates generally improve the burn performance to discs and add compatiblity to new discs as they come to market.

Compatibility is always an issue, trying to find the right type of disc that the Liteon and another player both like can be a pain, but in general most good brands should work.


But would an upgrade make discs created by the 5005 be more likely to be accepted by other machines?



Do you own a 5005 or 5006, and if so, do you tend to record on +Rs or -Rs?


Thats one of the main reasons for an upgrade, the better a recorder/burner knows how to react with a disc type will increase the chances of having a perfect burn.

This is necessary as disc manufacturers use different dyes and processing techniques, so variations in how that type of disc burn have to be tested and then instructions written via firmware to let the burner know that.

This is why the compatibility list is issued by manufacturers.

The issue with that one player of yours could be that it doesn’t like reading that type of disc, or the format that the Liteon records in (VR format).

The disc itself may have a physical flaw that makes a bad burn.

My old pioneer player was king in its day but now it has problems with certain disc types, but my cheap Alba TV/DVD combo plays everything!

I had a 5005 and now have a 5004.

On both I have used - & + discs. On the 5005 I transferred a VHS collection of nearly 300 tapes onto a mixture of discs.


Upgrading worked for me.I believe it’s the finalization process that makes the difference.Too late for those already finalized,unless you copy them. For example,one of my players wont play those discs finalized before updating ,but will play those finalized after updating…Theres no guarantee though,some players just dont want to know…All the discs i’ve used,(MR.DVD,MAXELL 1-4X,IMATION 8x,+r have performed the same for me.I haven’t noticed any difference with rewritables since updating…I gave up in the end and bought a new player…The trouble with updating is,if the machine develops a fault or you see something you haven’t noticed before,you tend to blame the update…


there is also the issue re compatability in that even some players a couple of years old will not play R+, RW+…however they have no problem with the R-'s /RW-'s burned from the Liteon.(properly finalized of course!)


I’ve experimented twice with + discs, but have heard the - ones are the most compatible, and have used those almost exclusively.

That’s why I was so surprised my Apex 1100 couldn’t handle them. (Of course, it reacts the same way to the two + discs too.)

One other question-

My recorded discs were made off an external source, using both s-video and RCA.

If I upgraded my 5005 and then played the discs I’ve already made in my player that DOES handle them, and copied them via analog to new - discs, how would the copies come out? Still pretty viewable?



@gastrof - yes they would come out ok. I just did a backup of The Last Samurai this way. I could not back it up on my PC because of CRC errors so I used my Apex 1225 to play it into the front RCA jacks of the 5005 and it recorded very good in the 4 hour mode…The movie was over 2.5 hours and I never bothered to put the 3hr hack back in after the last f/w update.


As others have pointed out, there are a number of issues that impact compatibility. For example, no matter what I do, I have one Panasonic DVD player that simply will not play DVD+R media. It does not matter if it was recorded on my 5005 or if I burn the disk on one of my Pioneer or NEC burner in my computer. DVD-R fine, DVD+R no way. But I have no problem playing these disks on either a Magnavox, Toshiba or a different Panasonic player. Go figure!

Your question on firmware, with my 5005 I have seen no difference in compatibility with my players regardless of firmware upgrades. I have seen improved 5005 performance, but not compatibility.

I get the best compatibility if I do the original recording on the 5005 and then make copies on the computer using programs such as Nero, DVD Author or using DVD Decrypter to open the video_ts file on the 5005 and then burning a new disk.

On copying via analog, I have done this many times to transfer VHS tapes to DVD on the 5005 and get very good results. I have also copied from DVD to the 5005. But when I go from DVD to the 5005 I use s-video. I found I get better copies that way from a DVD source than via RCA connectors. So if your DVD player has s-video or component outputs I would suggest you try those as the avenue to pass the data from your player to the 5005 instead of via RCA.


It’s a shame the 5005 on it’s own won’t support bitsetting on +rw and +r dvd’s and the crazy VR format. My Apex players support anything so far I throw at 'em. But when make a copy on the PC for a friend of my “home movies” I use +r and set the book type to DVD-Rom in my LiteOn burners for greatest compatability