Wot Brand Media To Use With 811s

Just curious what brand of dvd+r and dvd-r is best used with the Lite-On 811s?

I’'ve tried 5 Ritek 8X DVD+R discs without any problems. I also burned 4 Memorex DVD+R 4X discs at 8x and they work also. I’ve also used a few Memorex DVD-R and DVD+RW discs without problems.

I just got one also. It tried to write my memorex 4x plus media at 8 but it was really bad. However I realised my Nero had set itself to buffer under run protection off and a few other problems so maybe it would have done better. It has written OK to some Ritek GO4 reprints from PC Club that are dirt cheap for 25. The error levels are a bit higher at 4x but they seem to all work so far.
I’m still trying to get a handle on the setup and what media is going to work at what speed also. We need a sticky or something to list media types and success rates at what speed and errer levels. Seems the memorex 4x plus should work, I’d bet TDK 4x plus will work very well as it is also ritek but it’s first grade stuff and even my Sony 500 liked it at full speed, it’s very picky.