Worthy replacement for Benq 1650

Having owned only Benq burners (1620 / 1650) im sad to see theres no more Benq drives left to buy. So im wondering if any of the newer drives that are avaitable could be considered a worthy replacement for Benq 1650? Specifically ones with SATA connection, which is not requirement but it would be nice.

My media of choice is Verbatim DVD-R 16x (MCC 03RG20), which is currently burned at 10x for best quality, and the drive should handle reading (ripping) and burning quite well, considering the media im using. Noise wont be an issue. Also im more interested in quality (read/write) than speed really. Obviously if the drive could perform same level of scanning for quality as Benq 1650 does, that would be great.

Looking at the top voted burners, theres about handful of drives to choose from and none of them really “stand out” for me. :frowning:

Thanks in advance!

pioneer 215D :iagree:

@ Mystiqq,

Although the DVR-215D is an excellent SATA Burner the DVR-215D unfortunately it does not support Disk Quality Scanning.

Considering your desire for both quality SATA Burning and also Disk Quality Scanning suggest the Optiarc 7203S.

Suggest viewing the Optiarc DVD Burner Forum posting titled “Optiarc AD-7203A/S Results & Discussion” (http://club.cdfreaks.com/f86/optiarc-ad-7203a-s-results-discussion-234151) for information on the Optiarc 7203S performance.


[QUOTE=bjkg;2037898]@ Mystiqq,

Although the DVR-215D is an excellent SATA Burner the DVR-215D unfortunately it does not support Disk Quality Scanning…[/QUOTE]With latest Pioneer drives, no scanning is needed.

They are some of the best burners atm. Period.
[I]@Mystiqq[/I], burn them up to 20x if you like, still they will work fine, all the way.

Thanks for the replies!

Scanning function would be ideal but i guess i could live without it in the new drive as im still able to use either of my Benq drives for doing quality scans. However i scan each and every disc i burn and its convinient to have the ability to do the scanning in the drive i just burned the disc in. No need to swap to another drive etc. :slight_smile:

Another option might be to simply buy two drives, Liteon for doing the scanning and one (Pioneer?) for writing and leave the two Benq drives on my current (old) pc. The new drives would be placed into my new “rig” once i manage to make up my mind on the components.

Any suggestions on which Liteon is the one to go for?

Thanks for the help again! :clap:

I have the Pioneer DVR-115D and DVR-215, i also have the Optiarc AD-7200 and AD-7203. You wont be disappointed with any of those drives.

The Optiarc drives burn with better quality, they are faster (specially at 16x and 18x) and they are quieter. They are also excellent CD-Audio rippers. They also appear to be very consistent Disc Quality Scanning drives, but not as good as Lite-On’s.

For a Lite-On. I would suggest any 20A series drive.

You could try any LiteOn A3 series actually, or one of the recent Pioneers or LG GH20, or if you can get hand on a Plextor 716 then ;).

You can get the LiteOn and have it all :). Finding a good batch of your Verbatims will be much more important towards the end result, than whichever modern drive you burn them with. Individual drive variations (within the same brand/model) will also be more important than which brand/model you choose. In my experience and from what I see around here, the LiteOn A3 (e.g. 20[B]A3[/B]P,…) is a more consistent build than A1/A4 (e.g. 20[B]A1[/B]S, 20[B]A4[/B]P,…).

I’ve got a Benq 1655 I’d be willing to sell to you. It’s been used for around 200 burns. Send me a pm.