Worth upgrading firmware?



Is it worthwhile to upgrade your firmware if all is ok? I have firmware B7p9. Should I upgrade or just let well enough alone?


P is good no need to go to S if you don’t want to.


P9 is “approved” firmware. S9 is still under development. Wait till it is posted onto BenQ’s Global site. Personally, I finally got S9 to work (got a bad results twice, but flashed it a 3rd time and it works). Now that S9 is working reasonably, it makes worse scans, but with marginally better odds at data integrity. Go figure. Anyway, if you’re already working well on “P” just wait until “S” is finished.

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Seriously, though, my theory is a bad flash because I’ve seen that four times firsthand. Try flashing from windows safe mode or with the .cvt flasher using the dos flash method if possible.


I’m curious about this “bad burn” scenario. Did you update to B7S9 originally from a CVT file or did you just run the B7S9.EXE file each time? Or did you perhaps re-download the firmware file before it worked correctly? Do you think that there might be some sort of “learning” going on inside the drive between burns?