Worth the time or money?



I want to get software that will help my computer run faster and smoother. I’ve looked at System Mechanic 6 Professional and Registry Mechanic 6. How big of a difference is there between the two? I surf the web and download ALOT! Should I just use the standard resources that came with my computer (disk clean up and defragmenter) along with my security suite or spend a little extra cash on one of these mechanic software cds? Maybe someone could suggest a better software for this.


I think you should just use the standard resources that came with your computer! Don’t spend extra cash and keep it in your pocket, most of those so called mechanic software don’t do anything and I don’t think you would even notice any increase in speed. If you want to increase your speed and you are only surfing the web and downloading A LOT install Linux and it’s free. :slight_smile:


Coathi is basically right…plus for those of us who are not experts, messing with a well running system can screw things up.
However, a few simple things can help - such as keeping your system clean with a good firewall, a virus blocker and a spyware cleaner. Perhaps a regular defrag could help too. Don´t forget to make regular back-ups either.

There are plenty of tips in these forums for these things.


Thanks coathi and deanimator for the advice! I’m one who loves to use computers, but I’m nowhere near an expert. I’ll save the money and not get any software. I’ll just keep looking for hints and tips. Thanks again!


Just as an experiment…following the comment that started this thread…I have just downloaded and set running FreeRAM XP Pro.
The point is, as I´ve already commented, one should depend more on running a clean system, however my own set-up uses a type of wireless connection: UMTS, which I´ve discovered has a peculiar application within it which for reasons known only to itself suddenly decides to eat all CPU power…locks the system at 100%. The only way out is to kill the process, go off-line and back in again - everything then runs properly until the next time it happens. This may be 10 times in the next hour or not happen again for a few days. I believe this is a known bug with this type of set-up.

For this reason I decided to try out one of these so called speed up programs…
Would somebody please correct me if I´m wrong, but is it possible that my system is now slower than before or is it just my imagination?


have you tried crap cleaner www.ccleaner.com ? its free. it removes rubbish and can be used to “fix” problems. also www.regvac.com and keep your hard drive defragmented


I run all of the following on a regular basis…only the FreeRAM and Reg Mechanic are new - as experiments.
The problem I have with the UMTS is a bit unique - all providers use software from one source which includes an application known to suddenly and randomly overload the CPU - that´s why I´m looking at the FreeRAM as a possible solution


There are lots of little thing you can do to speed things up like turning off unwanted programs that start with Windows, turning off files indexing and system restore which is constantly making backups. I should advise I do keep an image of my hard drive should a problem arise and complete backups. There are also a lot of good freeware programs that can help like regcleaner, rescrubxp, diskeeper lite, xptune, etc. to name a few.


@ deanimator

i see that you have 2 anti-virus programs on your pc (antivir & AVG) i’ve had problems before with 2 AV’s on my pc, as the one i had on did not get rid of a trojan so i disabled it and installed another (which got rid of it), but i fu*ked up one time and the 2 became active an the same time which lead to my system not booting up properly and then freezing, and it took me 4 hours to get one of them off the system. :frowning:

just a friendly word of advice


Actually, it´s more complicated…
Current set-up: AntiVir + AVG + ZoneAlarm + TrojanHunter + FreeRam XP Pro

Being relatively new, going online just a few months ago and having a slightly problematic set-up (UMTS) I wasn´t sure what to use for protection.
I was recommended the AntiVir but for a period of a few weeks the update server seemed to be unavailable - hence I downloaded the AVG, and added ZoneAlarm for the firewall. Suddenly, AntiVir started connecting and downloading updates. Weirdly, everything continued to run reasonably well…and still does. The cleaners and reg fixers do their job (my deletions & fixes are fairly conservative) without obvious problems. No real nasties have been detected so far. And no obvious clashes.

My curiosity is currently directed at how to handle the stupid application “gbxApp.exe” in the UMTS software which causes the CPU to randomly suddenly hit 100% and stay there - only a task manager kill can stop it (known problem). I´m testing the FreeRam XP Pro in the hope that this might help - 2 days without problems so far is not long enough to say it´s the solution…but it´s looking ok.

Dunno if anyone here has had any real experience with this UMTS type of set-up, but I´d welcome any and all further comments.

(should this have it´s own thread?..was just my reaction to the comment that started the thread)


Google for “Driverheaven tunexp”.

It has a bunch of handy little speedups.

Important thing … it’s free :wink:

UMTS? -> set the CPU priority to idle or low & no more problems.


Hey, thanks to ALL who have contributed=)
I’m going to check out some (or all) of these ideas. I do know for a fact that I seem to get good speed if I use disk clean up and defragmenter. I also use ASMW Eraser Pro. That seems help the defragmenter run a little faster as well.
I’ve been using Computer Associate’s E-Trust Internet Security Suite ever since I got my new computer about 6 months ago. I got rid of all the OEM crap from the start. I haven’t had any problems with viruses, trojans, and etc. I turned off the stuff running in the backround (if it’s unneeded) but, still seem a little slow.
I have 512/128 DSL. Some times I get to download between 40 and 60kbs. Now I’m mostly downloading between 8 and 20kbs.
If any of this info helps I would be thankful for any more assistance.
Thanks for ALL your input!!


Um … when you say speed … do you mean internet speed? Or Computer speed (aka responsiveness / games)?

The internet is too complex to guarantee a specific speed & often the only time you will get full speed out of your connection is when you have:
a) Many proggies accessing the net simultaneously
B) Downloading from a server provided by your ISP, or a site that is located very close to you (in hops).

Your internet speed has nothing to do with CD/DVD burning, or neros buffer.

The only thing linking the two, is a fragmented HD.


Mostly the games, burning, transfering files to disk (which I can’t seem to do at the moment), and other everyday pc functions.
The only time the internet speed comes in to play is if I’m gaming on the internet. I don’t do it too much because it’s slow.
I’m using an ATI Radeon X300SE 128MB PCI Express video card. I know it’s far from the best, but it shouldn’t be that big of a problem.


someone brought up defragmenting to speed up your computer so I have a question! sorry if this sounds really newbish!

I defragged my pC a few days ago and for some reason my drive said it was unable to degrament some of my files (specifically all my video files within My Documents>My video
I have over 25 GB of video files and my drive still says its like 30% fragmented!!!

what can i do to actually degrag this drive without deleting all my videos and then trying again…??? thx!


what defrager program did you use?

there’s two main ones ppl on here use Diskeeper and Perfect disk, here are a couple of threads that you can read through, not sure if they have trials that you can try them out frist to see if they can defrag your whole drive.




i was using the standard degrag included with windows xp sp2 but will try the links you included in the reply… thanks alot Biproc!


Hey redZone…
Debro´s suggestion looks worth a try…I´ve just had a look at a review