Worth me upgrading from Liteon811 to 812?

I got some cash available so would it be worth it due to 812 having newer/better firmwares?

Does the 812 burn any better than the 811?

I’m open to suggestions of something other than Liteon to upgrade to though :slight_smile:

Thanks all


Definitely. The 812S is better!

Yes. I only had problems with my 811S so far. In a good burn i had PI errors about 250-300 average… (This was with original Ricoh +R media that is said to be very good.) I think i gonna buy a NEC 2510A soon to get better burn quality.

Thanks, would you care to elaborate a little on just what I’d gain from this upgrade other than newer firmwares? I’m a little disappointed they released the 812 so soon after I got my 811 though :frowning: But I upgrade/build my kit quite often so it’s common these days to be outdated 2 days after buying stuff!!! :slight_smile:


well it depends Fedorov999 , if you are happy with your 811S and the burns you are getting from it, then I think you might be better to keep your $$$$ in your pocket and wait a wile and see what the new burners are going to be like that are coming out later this year. I think if something works Ok why upgrade just for the sake of upgrading. I been using a 411S and tested the 812S and the ND 2510A , I will say both the newer burners do burn better on good media than the 411S but it’s only very marginal and the PI and PO is only slightly lower, but they are not that much better to justify a upgrade.

Thanks all, I may wait a little while longer yet and see what appears :slight_smile: