Worth It?

First: I’m not posting this to start a flame or be obnoxious.
I’m really not sure about the answer to my question.
Yes, I’m a total noob to this forum and the art/science of copying.
My intent in registering here is primarily educational and obtaining assistance when I run awry with my own efforts.
After a bit of research at these forums, it appears that to start you need at least a fair copy machine that will run about 40-50 dollars and a CD/DVD rom.
Pretty much a non issue as I assume most people have this.
Secondly one needs good media. For this your paying about .50 to 1.00 for a blank to copy to. The price goes up with each coaster.
Third, many use decoding software. 30 bucks
DVD copying/compressing software. 30 bucks
CD copying software.
I won’t catalog the time spent studying and researching that needs to be done, as much of this can be considered a hobby. Any time spent enjoying a hobby imo is time well spent.
After perusing the used vid section at Amazon and eBay, I wonder if this is not a better alternative. Both in terms of time and money and for the longevity of your media investment.
But…all of the above to make a copy or back-up of media, that won’t have a shelf life much longer than your average self recorded vcr tape.

totally worth it

Good DVD Burner: $40
DVD-ROM drive or second Burner: optional, although recommended - ROM drive $20-$30, might as well just get a second DVD Burner if you don’t have a DVD-ROM drive already and want a second drive.
Software: Free (Nero or other burning programs come with most burners, DVD Shrink, DVD Decrypter, etc. are free)
DVD Media: $15-30 per 100, depending on what kind of deals you can come across. Coasters are a rarity with a good burner and average or better discs.

Regardless of what your intentions are for burning DVDs, it’s not as expensive as you anticipate it to be.

Not to mention that some of the BEST software for DVD burning, compressing, and ripping… is free. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your responses guys.
I really should have emphasized my primary reason and concern for this thread. My bad.
I read in another thread at this forum, that when you make a DVD copy, even using high quality DVD copy media…the copy does not retain its recorded quality, more than a year or so.
If the above is true, why go through the exercise in the first place.
A well loved movie should have a back up, which should be kept in a safe place.
Does it make more sense to get the copy (even second hand) from an outfit like eBay or Amazon?
While the initial expense (6.00 - 12.00) is higher, the longevity of the media is far greater.

the issue on longevity is not (yet) a matter of fact.

dvd burning hasn’t been around all that long. some people on this forum have been burning dvds since the beginning and don’t have one working backup while others have none that DON’T work.

the only think you can be assured of is that if you put a little research into a quality burner and buy quality media and store your final product carefully, then your backups will last as lon gas possible. how long is that? that’s what they’re trying to hash out in teh dvd longevity thread over in the blank media forum. it’s an interesting read. you should check it out.

as far as prices, i believe you’re a little off…

quality burner: $40-$50
good media: $0.30/disc (browse the bargain basement forum…good stuff is on sale almost EVERY week)
software: some very godo programs are free. I consider anydvd and clonedvd the best (my opinion) and the pair only cost me about $50 for a decrypter and transcoder/burner.
the time spent is all in fun of course because for many of us you were right in saying that it IS a hobby.

so all in all for 100 backups you’re investing $130 + time spent which isn’t too bad in comparison to what it would cost to purchase each disc twice. this price gets lower over time since the burner and software were only one time costs. even if you had to re-backup all of your discs every other year, you’re still looking at lower overall cost of preservation.

*all price estimates in US Dollars

For me it is worth it because if I buy my daughter a cd or dvd for $15 to $20 and she stacks them on her dressor or the floor or takes them outside and drops them on the sidewalk then I can make her another backup and keep the original perfectly scratch free. My son and his friends will, literally, play frisby with dvd’s.

I have made a backup for only one set of dvd’s that are mine and not the kids but that is because I paid $500 for 6 dvd’s and I keep the originals stored away where no accidents can happen.

dvd longevity thread over in the blank media forum

On my way.

good media: $0.30/disc

My figure for media was based on my own purchase. Bought a 10 pac of Fuji for ten bucks. Since I’ve found this site I learn that Fuji is only “the good stuff” if made in Japan. Naturally mine was imported from Taiwan.
Growing pains.-

Ra@scientest : Understood.
My daughter is now old enough to collect her own movies. She really takes good care of her stuff now that she’s paying for it. :bigsmile:
Appreciate your input. Thank you very much.

Good media, burned well initially and stored reasonably well, SHOULD last several years at the very least, but there are no guarantees. I have hundreds of discs that are about 2 years old or older and they’re still holding up just fine.

It’s worth it to simply because I have the time, the interest, reasonable hardware, and 2 kids with stickey gooey fingers!!! :slight_smile:

Goofs aside, a working backup of lil nemo after you invested in hundred of dollars in favorite movies, is worth the 100 or so to invest in your existing computer, to burn backups of on less than a dollar a disc media…:slight_smile:

You ask me if it’s worth it? beats the hell out of a crying kid who just figured out barbie and the castle in the sky or some crap is crying and it wont play…and it’s the original disc you popped 19.99 for.

just my 2 cents…

That and it’s good for porn…LOLOLOLOL

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I believe we’ve taken this thread way off topic…:slight_smile:

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dvd burning is ENTIRELY worth it because it helps you get laid then once you have kids you can back up their discs so they don’t ruin them.

I rule.

reason wins!!! :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :slight_smile:

because I paid $500 for 6 dvd’s and I keep the originals stored away where no accidents can happen.

Sorry to drag this thread back,but…
I would really like to know your choice of storage for your collectable media.

I keep them in their original packaging in a padded box on the top shelf down in the basement. I will not even touch them unless a backup becomes unusable.

Cool! Thank you.