Worth it or no


I always buy my dvdr’s at bestbuy usually the Fujis 10pack for 14.99CDN now they have these maxell 50 pack for $40CDN thats not exactly half price of Fujis per dvd but pretty close, it says 2x in the ad but I know they’re 4x and they’re Taiwan. I don’t know which type they are or anything so thats why I’m asking here just so I know if its worth buying them, normally I’d still go with the japanese ones instead of taiwan but Maxell usually sell decent stuff so I thought maybe I should get them how bad can they be?

RICOHJPNR01, should be good stuff. :wink:

Definitely RICOHJPNR01. My 832s loves this media, they burn with max PI/PIF of 10/2 at 8x.

oh no worries then, thanks guys