Worth Changing a 3520 for a 3540?

I can get hold of a 3540… is it worth me swaping it for my 3520 drive?

what extra benefit(s), if any, will i get?


DVD-R DL 6x support
DVD+R DL 8x burning support (liggy and dee’s firmware)
Overburning support on many brands TY, Sony, Ritek.


The 3540 is a (slightly) better reader, burn quality is pretty much the same (so far).

Do you mean “overburning” or “overspeeding”?

in this case i will change it over then.

Must mean overspeeding. I don’t think the 3540 can overburn (At least not for me).

Apologies for hijacking this thread, but how do these two burners compare to the 3500??
I was thinking of passing my 3500 to a friend and grabbing the 3540, but I have no idea which is the better burner for Taiyo Yuden media.

No No No No No. It is too early in the 3540 firmware history and the burn quality is still problematic. Before you trade, check here for the media you plan to use and make your decision based on the burn quality. Otherwise you will have to wait for firmware upgrades and hacks. The burn quality of the 3520 is near that of the 3500.

I will be using the media that is in my signature …YUDEN000T02s…
I am trying to search thru all the pages and pages of 3540 posts - hopefully there will excellent scans regarding this media.

Did you ever feel that your current drive was not good enough?
When I bought mine (a 3520), it thought it was really nice to have a dual-standard dual-layer writer (and cheap too!). But in fact, I have burned only DVD+R(W) discs so far. Dual-layer discs are still too expensive and high-speed DVD+RW discs (> 4x) are very hard to find. I would wait and buy an even-better drive in 1 or 2 years.

indeed, my last drive before my 3540 was the NEC1100A
Which, I think still is a great burner but I got tired waiting 15 mins. for every burn :slight_smile:

I don’t have a 3520, however the ND-3540A is a very good burner in my book. I burn almost 50 disks from different media for this thread and 3540 burns almost all 25 different media very well.


Thanks for the link to the media tests. While it looks like firmware upgrades will make this better in the long run, it’s nice to see the Taiyo Yuden media getting good results.
I guess I am mainly interested in this burner because of the “ohhhh… it’s newer, I gotta have it” factor and also for it’s faster DL media burn times. Hopefully upcoming firmware upgrades will increase the quality of the DL media burns.

Thanks again

I took a good look at all your scans and I have to hand it to you, you certainly did your work. Thanks for all the effort.

My opinion still stands. While I admit my standards are very high, the only media I would use, based on your scans, is the MCC 003, the MBI media, and the Ritek R03. Of these, both MBI and Ritek are widely variable in quality so that leaves me with MCC 003 as an acceptible media, and even then the number of PIF errors are 5 times as high, but the PIF are much lower.

The rest either have total PIF/PIE or levels of PIF that are higher than acceptible (for me). I would also be disturbed by the number of media that just go weird.

While I have no doubt that NEC will get their act together I will still keep my 3520 for a while. I well remember how long it took for the 3520 to get over its initial problems. We were all griping about it not that long ago and now it is close to the 3500 in most ways, and better in some.

It is hard to compare scans from an NEC to those I get from Liteon. Maybe your media scanned on my Liteon would look better. I know when I scan with my 3520 it is often way worse than Liteon.

MCC 003 does give excellent results with the 3540 indeed! :slight_smile:

From my last 5 burns with this media one scored a QS of 97
3 gave a solid 98 and two disks gave me a whooping QS of 99

(considering those disks are 8 euro’s for 25 ps , im a happy camper :slight_smile: )

Where can I get MCC 003 or what brand are they?

Verbatim DVD+R 8x.


New Egg has OEM Verbatim DVD+R’s for $26.99 for 100. They sell a retail version
for $46.99. Does anyone have any experience with these?:confused::confused::confused:

Verbatim Generic 4.7GB 8X DVD+R 100 Pack Spindle Disc - OEM

[li]Model #: 95086[/li][li]Item #: N82E16817131160[/li][/ul]http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16817131160


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What firmware are you using to compare the 3500 to the 3520?