Worth buying 1640 for Windows 98SE system?



I was wondering how essential the QSUITE applications were to getting the best from this drive. As while the drive works under Windows 98SE it says that “QVideo and QSuite are supported by Windows XP and 2000 only”.

Can the functions in QSUITE all be got round by use of other software such as NERO?!


As far as I know, Booktype settings is the only Qsuite2 function that can be accessed by Nero. Other utilities such as Quikee’s WOPC Tools can also access WOPC and Booktype (not sure if WOPC Tools can run in Win98).

Important features such as Overspeed and Solidburn are not accessible by any software, yet. However given that you’re using in an old computer, you may not need the overspeed feature.


What mhz speed is the machine you are planning to use on… on a 450 mhz P3, I can burn up to 10x speed using Windows XP.


The machine is an AMD Athlon Thunderbird 1.3 GHz with 256 MB RAM.


A for sure speed would be 8x, if you get lucky 12x but I doubt it… also depends on your HDD :wink:


wtf? i can burn upto 16x with my BenQ 1620 on my 800Mhz Athlon system with 256MB SDRAM, its running a 20GB 5400Rpm HDD


SolidBurn and Overspeed burning can be controlled via Nero v6.6.0.17 (f). (At least with the Philips DVDR1648P1) - See this post:


Same feeling here. A Pioneer 109 (pickiest drive for hardware configs) works well @16X on a 900Mhz Duron machine. :iagree:


Thanks for the update jan70. As of now Nero website still have v6.6.0.16.

Edit: jan70, could you please confirm: v6.0.017 (f)?


Heh…, every system and system setup runs different. Some might be well configurated and manage a 8x burn even with a PII-266 MHz and some will fail to burn at same speed even when equiped with a 800 MHz AMD.
Why not try it yourself. :stuck_out_tongue:

Okay, hooked up my new BenQ 1640 currently flashed with EW164B firmware on oldest box at our home (fileserver) and made a test. See attachment.
$ntel AL440LX mobo (system bus 66 MHz)
256 Mb SDRAM
WD 80 GB 7200 rpm HDD
Windoze 2kPro SP4
Only basic progz loaded

Barely capable to burn at 8x… :smiley:


I can confirm it, and I believe that this version of Nero Burning Rom (bundle with Nero CD-DVD Speed V4.06 which also supports SolidBurn and OverSpeed) are not official yet.


66 mhz system bus… of course this won’t work. Besides, these IDE controllers can’t achieve UDMA… Almost vintage stuff, these PII266 :bigsmile: You save it for a future auction? :wink:
I still remember very well the time when it was the “hot” stuff… doesn’t make me feel any younger…