Worst thing you've ever tasted?

What’s the worst thing you’ve ever had in your mouth (and let’s keep everything that comes from your or any other humans body out of it). To me it has to be an alcoholic beverage called red wine (although there is a wide diversity and I did enjoy others later in my life).

:Z seafood soup :Z :Z :Z :Z :Z :Z :Z
and once made a cup of tea at work and a bluebottle had fell into the kettle it got boiled and went in my tea :doh: i didnt see it i felt it in my mouth :Z

Rabbit food, but i was tricked! :frowning:
I also once tricked someone else to eat cat food. :bigsmile:

Squid… i was told it was battered onion rings…it was really one of the worst tastes in my entire life

the fly that went in my mouth whilst i hurtled down a hill doing around 50-60KM on my Racing Bike, even water from my bottle couldnt remove the taste for a while.

Spoiled milk.

It’s either a red pepper flavoured jelly bean I ate for a dare years ago or minced beef I cooked and didn’t know it had gone off until I tasted it.

My stomache’s shrank just at the thought of it…

Diet anything… I hate the after taste… Give me the real thing!!!

A bowl of cereal with spoiled milk in it, I didn’t really realize it until the 2nd bite! :Z

Garlic Snails … tastes yuck … with all the benefits of that feeling that a snot ball, ie oyster, is sliming it’s way down your throat.

Yeah, anything Slimey and seafoody…

Was forced to eat oysters in France on my French Exchange… i nearly brought it back up over my French Teacher :slight_smile:

I was tricked into eating mushed fish guts passed as strawberry jam on Bread. We were camping it was dark, one bite and convulsions started shortly after. Next trip I swapped Honey with Baby Shampoo and returned the favour.

OMG bro!!! :Z That’s some repugnant shit, and by far the worst so far in this thread!

Edible underwear. A friend gave it to me, the tricky bastard. It looked just like a “fruit rollup”, but tasted like bitter chalk. ick

asparagus soup that had gone off

believe me, you don’t wanna taste that

One of my lovely friends once swapped my coke for Equal powder while I was smashed.

The taste of Equal in the back of your mouth after it’s been up your nose is really quite nauseating.

vegemite…though i’m aussie ;)…i hate that stuff…smells already awlful before tastin it…

My friend snorted salt… for a dare… and didn’t get the money!!!

I think the worst thing to snort would be… y’know those things that are lollypops and you dip it in these crystal things and when you put it in your mouth it crackles and shit?
That would be awful up your nose and in the back of your throat… Crack for hours (not as much moisture there)

I love that stuff :slight_smile:

a cigarette… one afternoon in college, playing pool and getting hammered…my friend called a crazy shot to win the game and i said i’d eat a cigarette if he made it…guess what…and before he said “you don’t have to eat that” i was chewing it and feeling ill…