Worst scammer on ebay! i've been tricked!

i immediatly escalate for a full claim to paypal, i noticed i hadn’t put in any good arguments at the message section before filing a claim other than giving out a linkie to amazon that’s still selling the software online, and the link he gave me in his email.

so now i’ve come up with several good arguments and have no idea how to resubmit them to paypal, though paypal claims it’s viewing the matter. i havent try the download link but here’s what i think:

-he cannot make a profit out of any commericallized intellectual property right? because he hasn’t been authorized to and had not received any distrubution rights to do so online?

-suppose the link he gave me contains some stupid flash/java/shockwave monopoly clone, or a freeware monopoly clone it would still be illegal of him to distrubute them online?

-now if this scammer is colaborating with his good programming buddy who made a monopoly game on the fly with C++ and authorize him to distribute it for profit, would telling paypal that he had used the official boxart and screenshot for demonstration on his ebay page improve my chances?

“We sent to you the game you purchase. thank you very much”

“We get informed that you had opened a dispute indicating that the item you received did not match the original description.
But for you info, we clearly state that this item will be sent to your email after we got the payment. So please let me know what can i do to help you.”

“We are so sorry for the problem. We are so sorry that the item description was not good enough and make you misunderstand. Please let me know what can i do to help you. Once again, we are so sorry. Hope this thing will not be happen again in the future. thank you”

these are the responses he’s given me since i filed a claim yesterday (i haven’t slept for days i’d rip his lungs out if i could) i’m contemplating whether to give him any replies, and god knows when he starts changing the images on the ebay page and edit/remove the download link.

please help me guys, i haven’t slept for days from cram school i even provided a wrong link of a tabletop monopoly game sold on amazon online instead of the pc version and i even mistakenly referred to the scammer as “buyer”. (yes yes laugh to your hearts delight haha)

help me guys!

opps i was too infuriated to type all my thoughts out properly and clearly.

ebay sellder was selling this recently released monopoly computer game with free shipping, upon purchasing he sends me an email with a yousendit link to download it

EDIT: the game is still being sold

Contact both Ebay and MTV Networks and share your thoughts in a well documented email or letter. Make sure you spellcheck it first.