Worst pain/torture imaginable

My friend said that painful would be going down a water-slide, lined with razor blades, and landing in a thick mixture of vinegar, salt, and Vegemite (aussie).

Torture would be stuck out in the desert, pinned down with your eyelids cut off, so you can’t shield from the sun, and covered with warm honey next to an ants nest. The honey will burn… eventually. And you’ll soon have piles of dust in your eye sockets.

Or trapped in a room, lying down, with a drip of water hitting you in the forehead once every 2 seconds. You would go absolutely MAD and a hole will drill through your head if left long enough…

Any inputs?

Chianese water torture was like that, exept it would start of every second, then slowly get less and less often, like every minute, so you would think it had stopped, and I cant sleep if there is a tap dripping in my house.

Ben :slight_smile:

theone1_, stop listening to that metal, k?

Inputting the worst imaginable tortures into a mind from womb till death?


Oh, and another idea is … has anybody heard ‘The Hampster Dance’ song? What about trapped in a room having that played on repeat for 5 days straight. Then… all of a sudden… it stops. BANG! Badger badger badger badger… etc.

Cluster headache or attack

• Cluster headache is strictly one-sided though in up to 20% of patients the side of the headache can change.
• The pain is centred around or behind the eye, temple of forehead though any part of the head or neck can be affected.
• The headache usually lasts 45-90 minutes but can range from 15 minutes to 3 hours.
• The headache generally reaches the full force rapidly, often within 5-10 minutes after onset. The headache is then maintained at its peak intensity before ceasing abruptly.
• The pain of a cluster attack is excruciating. It is probably one of the most painful conditions known to mankind with female patients describing each attack as being worse than childbirth.
• The headache is accompanied by at least one of the cranial autonomic symptoms (i.e. reddening and tearing of the eye, drooping of the eyelid, constriction of the pupil, blockage or running of the nose, and facial sweating or flushing).
• The pain is so intense that most sufferers cannot sit still; they become restless, preferring to move about and looking for a movement or posture that may relieve the pain.
• Some patients feel nauseated or even begin to vomit during the attack; others feel sensitive to light, sounds or smells and prefer a dark and quiet environment.

defenetly the worst pain i have ever experienced. and complete torture becuse you don`t know when the next one is going to hit you :sad:

hehe just kiddin :p, i listen myself too…

a good one is to have a hose jammed up your ass and then running water through it eventually you barf the contents of your colon out :eek:

That was a gestapo technique.

and @acko: sounds bad man, i feel for you :sad:

What about a bug in your ear. Stuck. Buzzing. It’s trying to get out… touching every single sensitive ear hair on the way.

I assume somebody has experienced that before? My mum has.

thanks mace1337. :smiley:

maybee after xmas i`ll have this as my avatar http://www.clusterheadaches.org.uk/miscellaneous/art/zaira_myeye.cfm

what is it about mums :slight_smile: my mum got a moth stuck in her ear and afterwards got a fobia adout moths and other small flying insects.

Painful : Take a sharp, rusty cheese slicer and start harvesting skin of your victim
Torture : Solitary confinement in a hole with the following dimensions: length=width= 50 centimeter ; height=1.4 meter. Victim cannot sit, stand and after every pee or shit, he’ll slowly fill down the hole and eventually drown himself.


that would be nasty

lol@the festive avatar mr b :stuck_out_tongue:

my eye hurts looking at it :eek:

Listening to Rap music…now that´s painfull!!! :rolleyes:

you guys have seriously fucked up threads…

LOL… That’s why I don’t like horor movies…

I don’t watch one because they serve nothing other than corrupting human minds that are already fragile and filled with absurd ideas about reality.

I thought often about surviving physcal tortures when I was about 8 or 10 years old though the body might fail before that.

Well childbirth isnt exactly a picnic…but as well as this i think raging toothache is the worst pain…sorry guys im not so macabre as you lot :wink:

Worst pain? Having your heart broken…

Amen to that allypuss…Amen!