Worst OS

Was there ever an OS (perceived to be) worse than Microsoft MS-DOS and Windows?

Worst OS ever made is Windows ME !!!

Linux :smiley:

Well Mac and Linux suck.

I tried installing Linux but it erased my MBR. Hail DOS, it never crashes.

Dos is something many of us use at times. I don’t consider it an OS but rather a good set of tools. I have no issues with M$ or XP at this time. Im very carefull of updates unless they serve me. I would have issues with M$ media center and no doubt Longhorn (or what ever they call it these days), and also know how to keep a current ghost copy and also know how to low level format drives if an issue does come up. M$ is not the worst a person can do but they are leaning in that direction and they do not have to. Hollywood is not likely to unseat Mr. Gates anytime soon. XP has served me well for many years and it takes some serious effort to kill it or not be able to return to a previous state. My $.02377468992341 on the question. K :slight_smile:

I chose OS/2 because so many so-called experts repeated how good OS/2 is compared to DOS/Windows but OS/2 was more expensive and OS/2 applications were much rarer.

I meant MS-DOS, not all interfaces of command prompts. By MS-DOS/Windows, I mean from the first version of MS-DOS to the latest Vista Beta 1.

Try out Knoppix Linux … you can boot up the OS on the CD never having to intsall it on the HDD

Most linux have a “live” CD, problem is they are so slow when running from a CD.

Flash memory should help. I’m waiting for a US$100 64GB CF or USB card. :bigsmile:

10/4 message received :slight_smile:

BTW Kenshin: Nice to chat with another new friend so far away. Have read many of your posts and comment :slight_smile:

Yes Linux Live CD’s are slow as hell, thats why I wanted to install it on a USB device. But even though I explicitly told it to install there, it erased the MBR on my primary HDD anyways. So considering this Linux is obviously the worst code ever written :wink:


Does that mean you are in South Korea or in Argentina? :wink:

the worst is Windows … and the worst from the worst … is Win Me …

btw MS-DOS is stable … not like all windows …

Come on guys - we’re still on M$ and Linux OS’s.

Those of us who remember the 1980’s must have an opinion on BBC 1.2 OS, the MSX operating systems of the Japanese microcomputers, Sinclair. What did the DEC Rainbow run on? What was DDR-DOS? Were these ‘better’ than the ones mentioned so far?

The BBC OS occupied 16K ROM and started up in about half a second. It had an open access approach, with documented indirection operators to enable BASIC and assembly language programs to access many of its routines, such as graphic display. One of the all-time best computer games was written for this machine. IIRC, MS-DOS was way behind, and only really got going because it had some spurious ‘business’ connotation attached to it. For years MS-DOS was only managing one-channel sound. At the same time, even the Beeb was using 4-channel.

I mostly remember diapers and falling all the time, but if I have to have an opinion I’ll definately say any OS which starts in half a second rocks.

Windows, i guess we have to use even if we don’t really like it.
Bucking the trend, i like Linux. :slight_smile:

Talking of an OS that started instantly. Does anyone remember the Atari ST and its GEM OS?

LOL try 10,000 miles east or west of there. Like New York :iagree:

Windows 98SE - my son-in-law had it and it was terrible, even had to get a special driver from SanDisk for their 128MB MiniCruzer for him to get it to work. It was a like a stepchild to 98 And ME.