Worst misspeaks ever

I saw bush declare that america “would not have an all volunteer army” the other day, before people corrected him. i was wondering if there were any other gross misspeakings like this one that people can remember. and if misspeaks isnt a word, good.

There were a lot. Nikita Kruschov paying visit to the US and in his speech stated “…We will bury you…” It was a misinterpretation of the Russian words, that meant: We will live longer than you. This example is taught at the interpreter’s courses.

Once my female english teacher told me:
“you’re going to make me fuck you…” Than she immediatly corrected
“You’re going to make me flop you…” I wonder what she actually meant…

Not really a misspeak but an ex-girlfriend once tried to pm me in a public chatter room in which she told me she had bought this very cute bra (and lots of other details). A couple of dozen people saw her post in the general room. Never saw someone log off that quickly :slight_smile:

doh, forgot kennedy being a jelly donut

Well not really a misspeak, but who cares.

I was once at my girlfriends (now ex!!) house.
I was sitting in the livingroom and she was upstairs and came down.

We were alone, she thought! But her father walked in just one minute before she came down, and was standing in the kitchen.

When she came down, she said with a sexy voice: I want you to take me!!

Her father from the kitchen, you want what??

Girlfriend, euh euh I want him to take me to the mall.

Yeah right, if that was what she meant!!

try this one I was with my girlfriend at her cousins house warming party, a big Italian famaly there where like 30 people there. We where all drinking and talking and my girlfriend and i where on opposite sides of the room with all her famaly there, and I called her by my Ex’es name across the room
damn i felt like shit and they all knew my ex. you should have seen the look on her face