Worst Media Ever

I would like for people to put here the bad madia so all of us can stay away
I’ll start first :
Stay away from Samsung 4X dvd-r OPTODISCK001
-coasters with benq 1620
-coasters with Plex 708
-not one succesfull burn
(too bad i can’t return the cake) :a

Samsung Corp. doesn’t manufacture media. They don’t even have the technologies for making media. Sometimes they buy from Ritek, or CMC, or Taiyo Yuden, depening on the unit cost and popularity in the market. Optodisc is a media manufacturing company in Taiwan somewhat related to Ritek. Optodisc offered better prices than Ritek and CMC to Samsung Corp (no working relation to Samsung Electronics or Samsung’s media division.)

What? U post your findings based on your screwed (overclocked) system?! What are u smoking right now?

to bronco 04
well i tested the media on two systems with two different burners. This media provided me with my first coasters so I don’t think my system is an issue.

to khenshin:
my intention is not to blame samsung but to gather in this thread crapy media for this model , so people would know when they buy

That assessment is perhaps a bit harsh. My experience is that many AMD Barton P2500’s overclock very well, as long as your memory is good enough to support the extra speed, and as long as your CPU is multiplier-unlocked so that the bus speed is not overclocked. I have three systems at home - all running mobile P2500 Bartons overclocked to P3200, and all of them are dead stable. I have a friend who has been running a standard Barton P2500 overclocked to P3000 for about a year and a half without issue. He uses it on a daily basis for day-trading stock analysis, so it gets a regular workout.

Anyway, in an effort to bring this thread back on topic, the worst discs that I’ve had the displeasure of buying are +R 4X discs labelled “VAKOSS” and sold in a cakebox of 25. DVDIdentifier says they’re Nanya RJB discs. Most of my burns from them on my BenQ 822 were either bad or marginal - regardless of the burn speed.

Now here’s a comment almost hard to believe… :iagree: :iagree: If he’s got a stable OC (Prime95, Memtest, etc.), what’s the problem?

Note your own word IF - now, what’s hard to believe? :wink:

What’s hard to believe is your post “screwed (overclocked) system?!”. How did you determined it’s screwed?

Can U be sure it’s not? …or even know how far it’s overclocked at all? (CPU, bus, ram) Do u think it is a wise idea to post results produced on any overclocked box even when it appears ( just coughing sometimes) to be stable? Nope!

The very worst DVD media ever has to be that manufactured by Sky Media…

I stupidly bought a couple of 25-disk cakeboxes of their 4X -R disks and consequently lost A LOT of valuable personal data. All the initial burns were fine (verified OK, no coasters etc) but in spite of careful storage, within 3 months of writing ALL these disks were unreadable :a

Not an isolated incident from a single bad batch, either… exactly the same happend to other people

See my rant in the media forum for more details:

The company which produces them is based near me in Switzerland and sometimes tries to play the ‘Swiss Quality’ card, but don’t believe it!

If you wonder why this company are so happy to churn-out the lowest-grade unfit-for-purpose crap imaginable then the following, supposedly ‘promotional’, article has a few interesting ‘nuggets’:


QUOTE: "Why then the plant is built in Switzerland, not in Russia? At first glance, the Siberia with its vast expanses, a convenient position between Europe and Asia, with quite cheap labor force and technically competent people, or not less attractive Kuban with its mild climate must have attracted a lot of European and Asian manufacturers.

The explanation is simple: the Russian government doesn’t feel any desire to attract investments from the West. The SKY Media’s plant was built with the help of the Swiss government that helped a lot in choosing the best place, training the staff and creating the tax policy favorable for the firm’s development, because the government understands that the profit from such a deal is going to be big and soon."

ahem :cop:


Sorry Bronco but this was just a ridiculous post! I don’t need to prove that his OC is not the problem. His post was based on having a bad experience with OPTODISCK001 which many have had a problem with. It’s just junk media. You asked no questions ‘bout hardware, firmware, software, media, process, evaluation and testing… You just made an assumption based on your personal beliefs that are without foundation.

Both AMD and Intel have been over-clocking there own chips for years, but regardless, your assumption without facts equates to an asinine response and should be treated as such!

Let’s not hijack the thread, if you want to discuss the virtues of over-clocking, post it in the general hardware forum and we’ll carry on from there……….


Don’t anyone take this to mean ALL Vakoss discs are crap, though. The newer 8x ones are all Prodisc media, and work quite well.

obviously u misunderstood my post but here ur right - u dont need to prove problems others may have. Spot on! :bigsmile:

If Samsung chooses to put thier name on it they accept the blame for bad or good. Same way with any corporation. Someone ok’ed the labels to be printed and attached to the product.

My system it’s overclocked for quite sometime
(exactly when the Barton 2500 appeared)

Never had a system crush .
I even did stess tests , results : extremly stable.
Even my cooler it’s a regular 10$ one
Never had a coaster(till yesterday with the samsung cake )

I wish all my future systems will be “as bad” as this one

I’ve built over 300 systems for various people : never had a complaint
My future system will be a Athlon 64 3200 overcloacked to WHo knwos 3800
Hope this is the last thread regarding my computer

“Speedy” = Yi Jhan media code 4x DVD-R. This stuff is about 80% coasters. What isn’t a coaster still makes a frightening scan as far as PI failures go. I got it at a huge discount with the purchase of a burner. This YI Jhan media combined frightening scans with extremely bad data integrity.

Then I got some “Legacy” Daxon AZ2 8x +R. Remarkable stuff!–the scans are truely frightening on a massive scale as far as PI errors go, but there are practically no PI failures. The slower you write it, the more errors you get. Huh? Writing at 12x gives best scan performance on every Daxon I’ve tested, but it just makes these AZ2’s look slightly less insane.
There has not been one coaster from this frightening media. Every disc copied back to the hard drive with zero errors, and every disc error scanned without a single error. Not bad for 20 cents per disc! But if you’re a scan-fan, avoid Daxon AZ2 or you’ll mess your pants! After you take care of that issue, you’ll notice that this scary stuff plays just fine in the set top player with 100% integrity. We don’t know why.
I couldn’t tell you if this is good stuff or bad stuff?

RITEK A grade (purple disks) burned at 8x speed give me very bad results.
Burned about 10 disks and they all give e about the same result.
I’ve used Ridata didks with mediacode RITEK R03 and they were perfect.
I can’t understand why the Ridata disks with the same mediacode are so much better. I will post ARITA scan, also RITEK R03, these disks have a much higer PI error rate, but low P0 error rate. ARITA is B grade I’ve reas, but these disks are far better than the RITEK A grade with mediacode R03

Well…here’s my Arita RITEK R03 scan.

Yi Jhan 001 the worst…Coaster if you burn them at anything above 3.5G, stay below 3G and you’ll be ok, I bought 100 of these for US$16 and I am now using them for DIVX stuff and it’s ok on my Philips 642 player.

I’ll never buy them again unless they are $5 per 100

Any Budget branded -R or +R disc (Currently tried white 8x-, yellow 4x- and red 8x+).

8x -R’s are fake TY’s and will not complete a burn, 4x -R’s are AN31’s and will only complete a burn once in a blue moon.

8x +R’s will burn but have horrid PI counts. Average quality is 50-80% but lots and lots of low level errors.

All of these discs fail a QScan at any speed.