Worst disk defect ever?

Check this defect on a bulkpaq 8x silver disk with fake mcc02rg20 MID :eek:

Has anyone ever seen this kind of defect on a disk before? Its like when the dye was put on the disk it got torn? I haven’t burnt anything on the disk, reckon I should give it a go :stuck_out_tongue: ?

Proof that you should never buy crap media :disagree: , I mean what kind of QC would allow such a disk through? :confused:

Anyone else had horrible defects like this on their disks? Please post them for everone to see!

I have seen tons of landscape Ritek G04 discs with similar problems and one Verbatim.

Hahaha, good pic (and a good warning for us all!).

Yeah, I reckon you should give burning it a shot :bigsmile:

This isn’t as uncommon with cheap B-grade media as some think it is :bigsmile:
What about a TE/FE scan? :wink:

B-grade, that’s very kind :bigsmile:

This is the first time I ever saw a defect like that on any disk even z-grade lol and my bro’s a datawrite fanboy and he’s never seen anything like it :stuck_out_tongue:

BTW no TE/FE scans here cos I only got pioneer drives :o

LOL, like my upstairs neighbour. The mind boggles :wink:

B-grade ?

You guys are way to optimistic this disc would have been rated C-grade or even lower incase of most manufacturers that are known on this board. :eek:

Agreed with that. As I said above, B-grade is being kind :bigsmile:

Hehehe F grade I’d say becuase it’s a sure failure :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t burn it… what if it wrecks your burner?

That doesn’t look like what I’d describe as a ‘disc defect’, looks more like a disc that’s physically cracked to me. I don’t think I’ve ever had that misfortune except for a disc that’s been dropped on its edge onto a hard surface and was cracked. Obviously it could have come packaged that way, but I’d call that a ‘damaged’ disc rather than a disc defect myself. :stuck_out_tongue:

The disk is not cracked. I’m assuming that the dye is like a sheet that is placed between the plastic and it somehow got torn in the process and got through QC but the disk is definitely not cracked.

Got through QC ???
Who says there was QC ? :bigsmile:

i have this to offer re Bulkpaq 8x Orange, with the proverbial FAKE MID code of TYG02 -

i recently spent countless hours over many days eradicating my collection of ALL Bulkpaq disks as previously playable/copyable Bulkpaq’s started dropping like flies. Needless to say i would never use Bulkpaq again, no matter what discs they put their name to…