Worst burn ever: Yuden T02

This is the worst burn I’ve ever had. And it’s a fresh batch of printable Yuden T02 that I went to great lengths obtaining from SVP (since they no longer ship to Belgium). I purchased 300 of these ****** discs :frowning:

It’s not a single case, I have the third one from this batch in the burner, the second testing about the same :a My mediocre T03’s were much better…

So much for the T02 myth. Burned on a Pio 111 at 8x (fw 1.27) scanned on a Plextor 716. Batch TG001162.

Have you tried burning these on another drive?

Not yet. When I’ve stopped cursing :wink: and my Plex is done with the current scan I’m going to try one on the Plex 716.

Still, one would expect these to be OK on a Pio 111…


In a non-defective Pioneer 111, yes! I’m just trying to rule out the drive as the culprit.

Stop trying to scare me :slight_smile: It has burned perfectly a few dozen T03’s yesterday.


Okay. But it would have been a lot cheaper (and easier) to replace a single Pioneer 111 than replacing 300 YUDEN000 T02 discs. :wink:

Is there any particular appeal of 8X Yudens for those who burn their T03s perfectly? You can easily get 16X Plextors in Belgium,though I don’t know if they distribute printables.

The compatibility, and the consistency of T02 are IMO slightly better. :slight_smile:
Unfortunately, such slips in quality (if it’s the media) can happen everywhere and especially printables are often worse than “normal” media, I’ve had some MCC 004 with lots of PIE and sometimes bad sectors :frowning:

Why don’t you try the latest 1.29 firmware for Pio 111 ?

Price offcourse. Belgium levy is quite high, which means that a levy free stock of 8x Yudens might be a very nice option. Offcourse you can also get 16x Yudens much cheaper that way.

My bad, a typo. It’s using 1.29.


But I had rather variable results with T03, and everyone keeps going about how reliable and constant T02 is…

Luckily I got a stash of 8x and 16x Verbies at the same time, so it’s not a total loss. Still, I hope some of these T02’s are salvageble, but it still means I have to scan every single disc after burning, something I hoped to no longer having to do. Plex’s scan speed is too slow.


I have FW 8.29, dunno if it would make a difference at all.

You can always try 6x or even 4x writing (unless you have already). You never know, the drive may have gone bonkers after the speed change.

Yeah, I generally do. Sorry that in this case, it lead you to a disappoiting experience.

If they don’t burn well in a different burner (or don’t scan well in a different scanner), I’d ask SVP to replace the discs. :frowning:

Sorry to say that the difference between the T02 Yuden and the T03 Yuden in my experiences are dramatic. The T02s burn great and the T03’s are so-so at the best. My only place to buy T03 Yuden are online from Rima and I have since switched to MCC004 for 16X media and stick with the T02 Yudens from Sony in my Sears. They were on sale this week for 6.99 for a 25 spindle and I really stocked up.:iagree: