Worried about disc quality on AD-7170S burnt disc

Hey guys I’m getting a little worried out my Optiarc burner disc quality scans. In both cases I used 16x Verbatim DVD-R media which use TYG03 dye burnt at 8x.

First three scans are from my Pioneer DVR-212. I had to scan the disc quality of the Pioneer burnt DVD with the Optiarc burner as the Pioneer didn’t support disc quality scans.

Does anyone know why the Optiarc burner is giving such poor burns :frowning:

Tip: neither an NEC/Optiarc nor a Pioneer is recommended for scanning. Still, about your scans: the Optiarc may burn better at 12x or 16x. Considering that TYG03 is a 16x media generally optimized for higher speeds, it may just be that your Pioneer can handle the discs better at lower speeds than the Optiarc.

BTW, you are also NOT recommended to scan at maximum speed. TRTs at maximum speeds are better, but scanning speeds are generally set in the 4x to 8x range [forum standards]. with NEC/Optiarc at 5x or so, IIRC.