Worms World Party


Hi All!
I’ve just been to www.gamecopyworld.com… I saw the article on Worms World Party: they say you must use a Patch to run the game you copied. Not exactly! I’ve copied it without any patches.
You should use:

  • BlindRead 3.0.23
  • authorize the use of alternative read method
  • extract subcodes (if…)
  • also generate CUE
    extraction method: NIBBLE (adapt Speed):

the operation lasts about 1 h 45 min. Good Luck

PS: the copy works on my PC (ASUS 50x cdrom), and on a PlexReader 40x scsi… but I didn’t use it on others PC… Sorry

CIAO Startruk

What writer did you use to copy the game? I think WWW has the SafeDisc 2 protection so if you have a compatible burner it should indeed not be a problem…

Ps. This is not a really a CloneCD topic. Please post in the proper forum next time…

Excuse ME…
I burned WWW with my HP 7200e and now it works…